John Tilden Guitarist
I have been a professional guitarist for 37 years and over that time I have played with played with I mean I was hired... a number of famous musicians that you might or might not know.

John Lee Hooker
, Etta James, Katie Webster, Otis Rush, Johnny Adams, Jimmy Johnson, Kat Dyson, Johnny Littlejohn, Lee Oskar, Margie Evans, Sugar Blue, Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, Dr. John, Rufus and Carla Thomas, Rory Block, George Mojo Buford, Big Mamma Thornton,
Long John Baldry
, Richie Hayward, Bill Payne, Spencer Davis, and Lowell Fulson.

Ive been in the right places at the right times to jam with jam with I mean I didnt get paid... a lot of others like,
Muddy Waters, James Cotton, Willie Dixon, Mel Brown, Paul Butterfield,, Stevie Winwood, Ben E. King, Rick James, Tom Scot, Robben Ford, Stevie Salas, Wayne Gretsky, John Goodman, and Steven Seagal ...REALLY!!!

I have set this site up to share some of my reminiscences of these gigs. You now can visit a new page for Liz Tilden and purchase her CD, recorded live with me playing guitar.....What a coincidence!
Liz has recently started a new company called Sir Ramic Slides. She makes porcelain guitar slides that are so cool you just have to have one and thats all.


These are a few sites that I think you might be interested in viewing. I guess everybody trips over places on the internet that could be useful to others or are just plain weird. So .......

My Gear

I am a bit reluctant to list my crappy old gear but I will anyway since, believe it or not, I have been asked to. Go here for sumptuous photos and descriptions of my smokey smelly old