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Norman J. Finkelshteyn

Legends of the Central Asian Nomads
Nothing defines a people as much as their Myths and Legends.
Contributions are encouranged. Short summaries as well as complete renditions of stories are welcome. Multiple authentic versions of the same theme or subject are very much of interest.
We would like this to be a resource of cultural-historical value. Please submit materials that are original only inasmuch as they are translated, or retold from the traditional materials. Any divergence in retelling from the original material should be explained in notes. Retellings should be done in a style appropriate for the subject (this is not the place for an especially modern and original treatment).
(I think my treatment of the story of Mihailo Khazarin is a perfect example of what is meant.

Mihailo Khazarin
An Origin Legend of the Ashina - the Royal Clan of the Blue Turks and Khazars.

Rus, Steppes, Folk Tales, and Polyanitsas
An academic discussion of the possible origin of the warrior women in Russian folk tales from Sarmatian culture.

The White Stag

The Eagle

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