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This is a site about my love of hiking, backpacking, and flying...and other stuff - like I discovered sea kayaking in 2002. I'm not a pro at web pages.  So, be gentle with me in your thoughts.  Thanx.
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This is Patrice, my oldest child, surveying the vastness of the terrain.  It's a picture from The Notch, high point on the Skyline Trail, in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. We hiked it with, Al, a friend, in Aug, 1998.  It is a thrilling trail with views that take away your breath...more Skyline Trail.
In August of '92 I was just doing day hikes with my hiking partner at the time.  This is in the Larch Valley between Banff and Lake Louise.  I've heard it is really spectacular in the autumn when the larches are turning 'tho I've not seen it then.  The trail begins at Moraine Lake which is beautiful in it's own right. The hike goes up to Sentinel Pass and can be continued over the pass and into Paradise Valley.  That can be done in a full day but requires that you catch a ride back up the road to the Moraine Lake parking lot...more Larch Valley.
How things work: Kathleen, my third child, told me some explanation was needed.   So!  This is it.  I call the six following pages Preview pages. They show a Preview picture from each trip.  There's lots more to see.  To do so click on the colored and underlined type in the narrative around the Preview.  Like...more Skyline Trail. Also, you can go to the Index where everything is listed.  While you're here, please don't hesitate to click on Email Marv to leave a comment or question.  Finally, after you've had a look around I'd love it if you came back and signed the GuestBook. 
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Couldn't resist using this "Jock" pic.