Matthews School
While going through the dumpster after my Aunt Glenda Waters Conrad passed away, I found a copy of the History of Matthews High School and saved it in my files.  Uncle Benton B. "Dek" Conrad and Aunt Glenda had compiled the information, which otherwise might have been lost.  My Cousin, Bonnie "Conrad" Nelson, had added updates and I also added some this month, November 2005.
I had to use some computer programs to copy, add and clean up the book, which was so lovingly put together.  I am sincerely sorry if the readers of this History feel I did not do an adquate job in my file cleaning work.  Being just a poor old country boy, I did the best I could with what the Good Lord gave me for a brain.
Many families have been educated at the Matthews School and have gone on to do great things with the outstanding education afforded by this high quality school.
As I write this, I fear we will lose the last ray of hope for outstanding education in the north part of New Madrid County, Missouri.
The New Madrid County Central Board of Education tried to close the current Matthews Elementary School, grades K -5 in 2002 by a bond issue (see page 12).
It's only a matter of time until this "Gold Star" and nationally recognized "Blue Ribbon" school will be closed.  If we allow this  closurer to happen, it will be as much the fault of community apathy and lack of caring for the educational needs of our youth, as it will be the R-1 Board's.
If you have any old pictures, a lot of folks would like to see them.  I'll scan them and give them back to you.  If I'm not at the cafe having coffee, I'll get it and bring it back if you want to drop it off.
History of Matthews High School 
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