Raising Kane's Stories


Chris, Shawn, and an undelivered letter. In Progress
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"Until This Moment"

* Loving You *
Adam throws a private party for his best friend's birthday.

* After Passion *
The events of 'Loving You' from Chris's POV and explanations on his relationship with Hunter.

* Crossroads *
As time draws closer for Jay and Dave's ceremony, Adam and Chris each make decisions which could bring them closer together or drive them further apart.

* Where We Belong *
Chris and Adam head back to the hotel for "the talk".

* Probation *
A sidestep in the UTM universe: Hunter must overcome his fears to give his relationship with Shawn a second chance.

"Rhythm of Love"

* Holding On *
Can Shawn get past his reservations and get the man he really wants?

* From the Heart of One *
Shawn insists on a night out at a karaoke bar and it has interesting results.

* The Only Thing * NEW!
Steve plans a surprise for Randy, but all doesn't go according to plan.

"All About Control"

* Jagged Edge *
The streetfight is just the beginning...

* Bare Necessities *
Dave and Hunter find out that sometimes the bare necessities are all you really need.

* Fourplay * NEW!
Shawn promised Adam a night in control with Hunter and Dave as an audience, but Adam has a few surprises up his sleeve.

* Just a Spark *
Steve and Chris meet for the first time.

* Carnal Desire *
A chance encounter turns out to be something more.


* Come Out and Play *
After Raw, Batista gets a mysterious invitation.

* Making a List *
Santa and his right hand elf, Frosty, have made a list and they're checking it twice.

* Out of Nothing at All *
Hunt comes to a realization after the events of the 05/22/06 Raw.

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