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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Sophia Aaron came 1852 on The Emily with George Alexander
Abrahan Aarons came 1862 in March on the Shackamaxon with Jane Gibson
Benjamin Aarons wed 1895 to Amelia Nellie) Glance
Jessie Aarons wed 1890 to Solomon Glance
Rosetta Aarons wed 1875 to James Donnelly
Agnes Abbey wed 1882 to Joseph Walkerden
Jonathan Abbey came c1857 with Givney (Giviney G Sifton) Goodall
William Abbey wed 1881 to Hannah Allamby
Charlotte Abbott came 1853 on the Neptune via SA with Charles Rayson
Elizabeth Abbott wed 1855 to Henry Eades
Emma Eliza Abbott wed 1874 to Harry Tubb
Joseph Abbott wed c1870 to Isabella Hope
Lucie Alice Abbott wed 1883 to Askam Richard Nottage
Mary Holditch Abbott wed 1877 to Joseph Johnston Bell Pearson
John Perkins C Abell wed 1875 to Elizabeth Jane Keam
Andrew Thomson Abercrombie wed 1866 to Mary Anna Kenshole
Rebecca Abicicis came c1869 with Israel Glance
Albert James Abrey wed 1929 to Una Gwendoline Crowhurst
Eliza Jane Abrey wed 1878 to Edward Collins
Emily Sarah Anne Abrey wed 1887 to Henry Degraff
Mary Ann Abrey wed 1925 to Henry Norman Gillingham
Myrtle Abrey wed 1921 to Charles Edward Gillingham
Thomas Hill Abrey wed 1859 to Charlotte Beaver
Thomas Richard Abrey wed 1897 at Ararat to Sarah Jane Carland
Mary Ann Absolom came c1873 with Charles Bateman
Ann Ackers wed 1877 to Findley/Finley McNichol
Annie Ackers wed 1870 to Andreas Haberle
Karoline Christi (Friederike Caroline) Ackert wed 1864 to Paul Jacob
Ann Cook Ackland wed 1866 to John Nathaniel Bennett
Roda Acris came c1854 with John Horn
Henry Palmer Adam wed 1888 to Ellen Sedwell Collins
Jessie Adam wed 1850 to William Dawson
Robert Adam came 1852 on the Mobile with Ann Houston Borland
Alexander Adams wed 1878 to Jane Glasgow
Alice Adams wed 1866 to John Bower
Elizabeth Adams wed 1857 to James Murray
Elsie May Adams wed 1908 to Arthur Clapp
Esther Adams wed 1859 to James Mahood
Esther Adams wed 1878 to Thomas Smith
Geo Adams wed 1893 to Louisa Maw
Hugh Adams wed 1853 to Jane White
Hugh Adams wed 1867 to Eliza Flett
Jane Adams came 1858 on the Red Jacket with John Bowden Carkeek
Jesse Adams wed 1859 to Leah Adams
Jesse Adams wed 1890 to Mary Harriett Maw
John Adams wed 1853 to Agnes Warning
John Adams wed 1882 to Mary Ann Beazley
Leah Adams wed 1859 to Jesse Adams
Marian Adams wed 1873 to William Mountier Bale
Mary Adams came c1857 with William Robbins
Mary Ann Adams wed 1876 to James Aldous
Robert Adams wed 1853 to Mary McKinnon
Robt Adams wed 1892 to Amelia Facey
Samuel Adams came 1852-3 on the Typhoon with Mary Ann Barber
Samuel James Adams wed 1908 to Eliza Edith May Hancock
Sophia Adams wed 1911 to William Henry Tarr
William Adams wed 1885 to Annie Guy
James Adamson wed 1865 to Sarah Urquhart
Alfred Edmund Adamthwaite wed 1904 to Ellen Gulley
Arthur Joseph Adamthwaite wed 1901 to Mabel Smith
Edmund Thomas Adamthwaite wed 1900 to Rosetta Stephens
Joseph Nicholson Adamthwaite wed 1913 to Bertha Emily Armstrong
Provis John Adamthwaite wed 1902 to Margt Grace Pierce
Isaac Adcock wed 1858 to Sarah Jane Moysey
Susan Addensall wed 1868 to John Payne
Ebenezer Addinsall wed 1893 to Mary Johnson
Eliza Addinsall came 1854 on the Joshua with Richard Burgin
Eliza Ann Addinsall wed 1900 to John Donald Reynolds
Elizabeth Addinsall wed 1865 to William Savin
Hannah Emma Addinsall wed 1883 to William Freeman
Henry Addinsall wed 1898 to Margt Jane Payne
John Addinsall came 1852 on the Oithona with Mary Derry
John Addinsall wed 1857 to Mary Savin
John Derry Addinsall wed 1870 to Ellen Smith
John Derry Addinsall wed 1885 to Sarah Turner nee Corse
Samuel Addinsall wed 1897 to Christina Florence Dart
William Addinsall wed 1890 to Annie Freeman
Adelaide Addis wed 1864 to James Burgis
Adelaide Burgis nee Addis wed 1875 to Neils Madsen
Andrew Addison wed 1858 to Isabella Lawson
Bessie Addison wed 1890 to John Phillip Long
Bessie Addison wed 1895 to John Woods
Edith May Addison wed 1901 to Frank De Young
Ellen Addison wed 1879 to William Edwin Barelli
Flora Addison wed 1906 to Thomas Arthur Garratt
Henry Addison wed 1855 to Martha Maughan
James Addison wed 1883 to Margaret Jane (Marion) Johnston
Leslie Addison wed 1912 to Lititia Elizth Parr
Louisa Addison wed 1901 to David Cameron
Margaret Addison wed 1890 to William James Robson
Martha Addison wed 1903 to William Henry Browning
Mary Ann Addison wed 1878 to Joseph White
Violet Addison wed 1917 to John Henry Dennis
Walter Weston Addison wed 1887 to Selina Berryman
Wilfred Hy Addison wed 1919 to Edith Isabella Dusting nee Thomson
William Addison wed 1891 to Elizabeth Hocking
Ann Elizabeth Adlington came c1861 with William Waring Walker

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