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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Anna Mary Blake wed 1884 to Charles Podger
Elizabeth Blake wed 1870 to Timothy Steadman Moore
Frances Blake wed c1865 to William Morrow
Geo Benj Blake wed 1898 to Ellen Radovick
Robert Albert George Blake wed 1887 to Emma Elizabeth Dann
Walter Blake wed 1873 in UK to Jessie Sarah Austin
William Robert Blake wed 1851 to Eliza Wade
Florence Blakeney wed 1897 in Hobart, Tasmania to Alfred Shone
John James Blakney/Blakeney wed 1914 to Mary Rose Kerrison
William Blakeney wed 1863 in Hobart Tasmania to Elizabeth Rossendell
Ada May Blakney wed 1897 in Hobart, Tasmania to Joseph William De-Soza
Rowland Herbert Blamires wed 1903 to Mary Elizth Robbins
William Lizard Blamires wed 1862 to Lavinia Henley
Sarah Mary Ann Blanchard wed 1873 to Henry Cronk
Pierce Blanchfield came c1862 with Julia Comarford/ Commerford
Richard Blanchfield wed 1883 to Catherine Mckinley
Teresa Mary/Cecelia Blanchfield wed c1894 to Robert Daglish
Arabella Blandy wed 1868 to Frederick Charles Arnold
Barbara Alice Blanshard wed 1907 to Edward Henry Furneaux
John Briggs Blanshard wed 1876 to Barbara Ann McIntosh
Caroline Blay wed 1862 to John Bulmer
Edwin George Bleechmore wed 1877 to Clarissa Gertrude Barkla
Emily Augusta Bleechmore wed 1880 to Francis Henry Barkla
Fanny Louisa Bleechmore wed 1881 to Edwin Thomas Forrester
Fred Auburn Bleechmore wed 1883 to Charlotte Eliza Limbert
Joseph Edwin Bleechmore wed 1852 to Caroline Louisa Rogers
Mary Bleeze wed c1834 to Thomas Cowen
Alfred George Blencowe wed 1888 to Anastasia Breen
Alice Emma Blencowe wed 1888 to William Thomas Axtill
John Blencowe came c1855 with Emma Scown
John Blencowe wed 1887 to Mary Jane Bull
Lillian Victoria Blencowe wed 1896 to Michael Hickhan/Skehan
Mary Ann Blencowe wed 1874 to Samuel Bright
Matilda Blencowe wed 1886 to Ebenezer Swanson
Sarah Ellen Blencowe wed 1891 to John Steward
William Blewett wed 1894 to Alice Waterson
Matilda Augusta Blay/Bley wed 1870 to Thomas Miles
Caroline Blick wed 1878 to Hugh Hopkins
Emily Blick wed 1887 to James Warwick Hopkins
James Blick wed 1850 to Catherine Curry
James Albert Blick wed 1883 to Carol Brent
John Samuel Blick wed 1901 to Harriet Elizabeth Hardisty
Thomas Frederick Blick wed 1881 to Sarah Dean
William Aaron Blick wed 1884 to Ellen Rogan
Ada Elizth Blight wed 1884 to James Edward Cowling
Elizabeth Jane Blight wed 1875 to Joseph Oxenbury
Ethel May Blight wed 1910 to Arthur Thomas Henry Hawken
Mary Metcalf Blight wed 1858 to Joseph Arthur Harris
Matilda Blight wed c1864 to William Kinsman
Richard Blight wed 1877 to Ellen Osler
Samuel Henry Blight wed 1872 to Eliza Jane Sleeman
Thomasine Blight came c1860 with William Bryant Boyce
William Blight wed 1875 to Mary Elizabeth Stanford
Harriet nee Bliss wed 1879 to Richard Hain
William Alexander Bliss wed 1872 to Elizabeth Jane Orwin
Esther Ellenor Block wed 1905 to Alfred Francis Allchin
Joseph William Block wed 1884 to Emily Briggs
Nicholas (Nathan) Henry Block wed 1881 to Isabella Boss Mckenzie
Nicholas Moses Block came c1862 with Eleanor (Helen) Savory
Samuel Jacob Block wed 1876 to Hannah Haynes
John Blomfield wed 1879 to Jane Elizabeth Hagg
Alice Blood wed 1879 to John Thomas Ainger
William Blood wed 1872 to Emma Ainger
John Rothwell Bloomfield came c1868 with Hannah Bickerdike
John Thomas Rothwell Bloomfield wed 1881 to Catherine Julian Lyon
Samuel Chas Rothwell Bloomfield wed 1888 to Eliza Annie Frew
Samuel Blowers wed 1878 to Jemima Peasnell
Emma Blay /Bloy wed 1861 to Francis John McMaster
Arthur Blunn wed 1883 to Matilda Rosalind Dunlevy
Charles Blurton wed 1863 to Jessie Wilson
Henry Blurton wed c1906 to Louisa Carolena Fricke
Arth Beauchamp Blyth wed 1890 to Ellen Taysom
Charles Blyth wed 1867 to Euphemia Ferguson
Clara Elizabeth Blyth wed 1888 to Samuel James Hatch Stevens
Daniel Blyth came 1848 on the Tasman with Agnes Staley
Donald Ferguson Blyth wed 1898 to Emily Annie Garden
Edward Blyth wed 1877 to Sarah Ann Elizabeth Woolley
Emily Maud Blyth wed 1893 to Geo Blackburne
Florence Louisa Blyth wed 1887 to Alex Gordon Culbert Ramsay
James Blyth wed 1862 to Mary Jane Boundy
Mary Cath Blyth wed 1885 to Walter Leslie Stevens
Elizabeth Jane Blythe wed 1912 to Robert John Wakefield
Mable May Blythe wed 1917 to Andrew McNair
Mary Blythe wed 1880 to Henry Charles Malcolm
Minnie Rosa Blythe wed 1909 to Andrew McNair
Archibald Boadle wed 1889 to Mary Ann Raven
Archibald Boadle wed 1901 to Ethel Raven
Eliza Boadle wed 1896 to Thomas Lewis George
Henry Smeaton Boadle wed 1907 to Lydia Florence Boustead
Isaac Boadle wed 1896 to Mary Ann Houery
John Boadle wed 1857 to Margaret Lyons
John Boadle wed c1900 to Margaret Britter
Margaret Anne Boadle wed 1881 to James Archibald
Margaret Anne Archibald nee Boadle wed 1887 to Richard Torney
Mary Jane Boadle wed c1885 to John Archibald
Robert Boadle wed 1903 to Alison Garlick
Elizabeth Boag wed 1899 to Henry Wharton
Mary Ann Boardman wed 1865 to William Pitts
Sarah Boardman came 1854 on the Falcon with Joseph Cross
Elizabeth Boase wed 1875 to Nicholas Pascoe
Hannah Boase wed 1874 in Timor, to William George Robert Coad
William Boase came c1852 with Elizabeth McGachen
William Boase wed 1860 to Lucy Colston
William Boase wed 1883 to Anne Selina Wyatt
Agnes Stevens Beckwith/Bockholt came 1855 on the Athletae with Duncan Anderson
Amanda Maria Bockholt wed 1882 to William James Brown
Hans Heinrick Beckholt/Bockholt came c1858 with Magdalina Claussen / Clangsen
Minna Magdalena Beckholt/Bockholt wed 1876 to Thomas Bazeley
Johannes Fredk Herman Rockstroh/Bockstroh wed c1888 to Matilda (Georgina) Becker
Emma Boddington wed c1890 to Thomas Hillard

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