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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Ada May/Mary Brown wed 1898 to George Cowan Dickson
Adam Brown wed 1879 to Mary Elizabeth Davey
Albert William Brown wed 1891 at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia to Dinah Harriet Mary Alomes
Alfred Brown wed 1870 at Sorell, Tasmania, to Adelaide Bellett
Alice Mary Brown wed 1898 - Sorell, Tasmania, Australia to Henry Bedelph
Ann Brown came c1856 with Richard Dickinson
Ann Brown wed 1875 to James Madder
Ann Caroline Brown wed 1854 to William Anthony Lester
Annabella Brown came c1849 with William Lyall
Annie Brown wed 1886 to Robert Cay Michael
Annie Brown wed 1890 to Robert Laidlaw Blaikie
Betsy Brown wed 1864 to Charles Coates
Blanche Maud Brown wed 1914 to Robert Montague Kemp Challis
Brice Christian Brown came c1893 with Frederick MacKinnon Harding
Caroline Elizabeth Brown wed 1884 to Arthur Thomas
Cath Jeanette Brown wed 1890 to Frederick William Punshon
Charles Brown wed 1858 to Ann Don
Charles Brown wed 1877 to Sarah Pigdon
Charles Robert Brown wed 1912 to Ethel May Unwin
David Brown wed 1890 to Elizabeth Ann Moysey
Edmund Brown wed 1884 to Sarah Elizabeth Morrow nee Mcgregor
Eliza Brown came c1859 with William Russell
Elizabeth Brown came 1854 on the Hurricane with James Tolmie
Elizabeth Brown wed 1876 to Amos Yewdall
Elizabeth Ann Brown wed 1892 to Thomas Wood
Elizabeth Diana Brown wed 1890 to John Goding
Elizabeth Hollis Brown wed 1894 to Richd Jos Greening
Elizabeth Rogers nee Brown wed 1868 to Henry Goudge
Ellen Elizabeth Brown wed 1870 to John Goding
Emily Elizabeth Brown wed 1920 to William Wilson
Emily Jane Brown wed 1867 to Detlef Jager
Emily Brown wed 1883 to Silas Baulch
Emma Brown came c1851 with Samuel Thompson Bird
Frances Brown wed 1894 to Robert Marshall
Frances Elizabeth Brown wed c1900 to Victor Marchwinski
Frances Sarah Brown wed 1880 to William Diss
Fred Brown wed 1875 to Mary Jamieson
Frederick Isaac Brown wed 1906 to Nettie Hamley Broadstock
Henry Brown was joined 1854 via the Truro by Diana Gibbons
Henry Brown wed 1831 to Esther Scott
Hy Chas Brown wed 1906 to Margt Elizth Woolard
James Brown wed 1877 to Elizabeth Simpson
James Brown wed 1879 to Maria O'Brien
James Brown wed c1877 to Mary Anne Dainty
James Shearer Brown came c1880 with Mary Jane Jones
James Stewart Brown wed 1875 to Elizabeth Hurst
Jane Brown came c1854 with Robert Bruce Buchanan
Jane Brown came c1854 with Richard Dale Hicks
Jane Brown came c1862 with James Fry
Jessica Elizabeth Brown wed 1897 to William Bruce Douglas
Jessie Brown wed 1861 to Edward Langley
Jessie Jane Brown came c1856 with Amos Hinchcliffe
Johanna Brown wed 1890 to John Hearn
John Brown wed 1854 to Janet Shank
John Brown wed 1865 to Rhoda Burgoine
John Brown wed 1870 to Bridget Reynolds nee Newton
John Brown wed 1886 to Frances Elizabeth Barr
John Campsie Brown wed 1912 to Isabella Guiditta Hitchcock
John Deniston Brown came c1856 with Margaret Aitchison
John James Brown wed 1884 to Mary Ann Clements
John Richard Brown wed 1882 to Janet Campbell
John Rule Brown wed 1881 to Emma Jane Dally
John Waddell Brown wed 1881 to Mary Ellen Brown
Julia Brown wed 1897 to Robert Clapp
Katie (Catherine) Brown wed 1886 to Joseph Chiller
Lillian Blanche Brown wed 1914 to William John Harford Akers
Lily/Lillian Alice Brown wed 1902 to Herbert Haydon Prime
Louisa Ann Brown wed c1890 to Matthew Augustus Williams
Lucy Jane Brown came 1853 on the Minerva with Edward George Dickins
Lydia Brown wed 1856 to former convict William Worthy
Lydia Worthy nee Brown wed 1868 to Henry Stephen Powell
Margaret Brown wed 1876 to James Thomas Knell
Margaret Ann Brown wed 1883 to William Robert Harford
Margaret Sophia Brown wed 1854 to Thomas Woodward
Marion Brown wed 1889 to John Prescott
MaryBrown wed 1860 to Thomas Richmond Shuttleworth
Mary Brown came 1855 on the Asia with Andrew Kilpatrick
Mary Brown came c1857 with John McKenzie
Mary Brown wed 1864 to Bernard Wright Doyle
Mary Esther Elizabeth Brown wed 1898 to Francis Henry Cole/Coles
Mary Ellen Brown wed 1881 to John Waddell Brown
Mary Winifred Brown wed 1880 to John Slattery
Moses Brown came c1855 with Amelia Stackhouse
Mungo Brown wed 1884 to Margaret/Mary Ann Peel
Nellie May Brown wed 1913 to William John Frears
Peter Brown wed 1871 at Launceston to Caroline Stonehouse
Peter Brown wed 1890 to Emma Ada Moore
Peter Brown wed 1895 to Lydia Stonehouse nee Freeman
Rebecca Brown wed 1849 to Charles Glover
Rebecca Glover nee Brown wed 1864 to Michael Gallagher
Robert Brown wed 1857 to Mary Short
Robert Brown wed c1865 to Sarah Nichollos
Sally/Sarah Brown came 1852 on the Cambodia with James Moysey
Sarah Brown wed 1868 to Alexander Wright McGuiness
Sarah Brown wed 1880 to Alfred Tuttleby
Thirza Adelaide Brown wed 1895 - Sorell, Tasmania, Australia to John Robert Manly
Thomas Henry Brown wed 1870 to Elizabeth E Mills
Thomas Valantine Brown wed 1862 (Launceston) to Eliza Veitch
Walter Brown wed 1879 to Elizabeth Ellen Mills
William Brown came 1834 to Tasmania with Margaret Jane Graham
William Brown came 1853 on the Calliope with Ellen Wheeler
William Brown wed 1841 in Tasmania to Charlotte Wrathall
William Brown wed 1860 to Mary Kerrison
William Brown wed 1880 to Ellen Macarty/Mecarthy/ McCarty
William Edwin Brown wed 1894 to Augusta Julia Chaulk-Beaudinet
William James Brown wed 1882 to Amanda Maria Bockholt
William John Brown came c1862 with Margaret Jane Gibson

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