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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Catherine Egan wed 1863 to Edwin Lamb
Katherine Egan wed 1885 to Cyrus Robert Radnell
Martin Egan came c1856 with Julia Casey
Amy Maria Egglestone wed 1888 to Charles Eustace Gardner
Ann Elcom came 1857 on the Sardinian with John Gadsby
John Elder came c1857 with Helen Turpie
John Elder wed 1886 to Alice Ainsworth nee Stafford
Catherine Sarah Elderfield wed 1884 to Francis Walter Forrester
Emma Elderfield wed 1857 to Joseph Hall
Emma Elderfield wed 1902 to George Francis Trumble
George Elderfield wed 1885 to Agnes Murray
John Elderfield wed 1856 to Sarah Ann Tranter nee Bracey
William Thomas Elderfield wed 1883 to Elizabeth Sabina Forrester
Ann Eldridge wed c1874 to James Ramage
Caroline Eldridge wed 1845 to George Gowty
Elizabeth Heldridge /Eldridge wed 1869 to Thomas Ramage
Frances Ann Eldridge wed 1845 to Henry Mcgregor
Clara Isabella Elford wed 1879 to Allan Maclean
Emma Elford wed 1894 to John Thomas Watt
Helen Maria Elford wed 1897 to Pat Watt
Hettie Ann Elford wed 1882 to Robert Watt
Mary Elizabeth Elford wed 1883 to William Chamberlain
Sophia Jane Elford wed 1885 to John William Grainger
Thomas Elford came 1854 on the Panama with Sophia Pepprell
William Thomas Elford wed 1881 to Rose Harriet Clark
Thomas Elleet wed 1863 to Emma Langston nee Dudley
Richard John Ellingworth wed 1883 to Harriet Ainger
William Ellingworth wed 1851 to Rosehannah Evans
William Henry Garaba Ellingworth wed 1887 to Eleanor Caroline Serpell
Edward Cludde Elliot wed 1882 to Ellen Bessie Jones
Benjamin Elliott wed 1876 to Mary Ann Anstis nee Chessell
Benjamin Elliott wed 1876 to Mary Anne Anstis
Carol Constance Elliott wed 1889 to Edwin Osborne Britter
Esther Elliott wed c1896 to Robert Henry Nankivell
Ethel Violet Watson Elliott wed 1895 to Henry John Dally
Francis Oats Elliott wed 1864 to Emma Jane Crabb
George Henry Elliott wed 1868 to Jane Griffin
George Henry Elliott wed 1887 to Eliza Ann Hill
James Elliott wed 1869 to Margaret Copeland
Jessie Matilda Terry nee Elliott wed 1939 to Herbert Stephen Wilson
John Elliott wed 1854 to Sarah Hobbs
Joseph Henry Elliott wed 1856 to Mary Ann LeGuier
Margaret Rebecca Elliott wed 1849 to James Greenwood
Martha Jane Elliott wed 1867 to James Dripps
Mary Elliott came Apr 1861 on the Suffolk with Walter Elliott
Rose Emma Elliott wed 1902 to George Jolly
Walter Elliott came Apr 1861 on the Suffolk with Mary Elliott
Walter Elliott wed 1889 to Hannah Georgina Lyon
William Byron Elliott wed 1887 to Elizth Rosetta Maria Fluent
Angel Ellis came c1864 with Hannah Phillips
Annie Ellis wed 1862 to Edward Robson
Charles Ellis wed 1885 to Alexandra Alice Burton
Charles Burton Ellis wed 1912 to Reta Gladis Malvern Woodmason
Eli John Ellis wed 1883 to Wilhelmina Stuart
Elizabeth Ellis wed 1884 to David Lees
Ellen Ellis wed 1873 to James Mayman
Jane Ellis wed 1886 to Edward William Campbell
John Thomas Ellis wed 1886 to Elizabeth Shorten
Margaret Ellis wed 1888 to Alfred Ernest Horsfall
Mary Lloyd Ellis wed 1891 to Walter Frusher
Samuel Ellis wed 1858 to Jane Middleton
Thomas Ellis wed 1857 to Hannah Hill
Joseph Ellison came c1855 with Julia Wigg
Lucinda Ellison wed 1877 to Elderson Smith
Margaret Ellison wed 1861 to David Stephens Maddern
Martha Ann Ellison wed 1881 to Alexander William Brookfield
Ruth Ellwood came 1863 on the Great Britain with John Tuer
Alice Priscilla Elmer wed 1877 to Geo Henry Chambers Thompson
Ellen Maria Elmer wed 1877 to William Hamilton
Ellen Maria Hamilton nee Elmer wed c1892 to James Melville Jones
Elvina Elmer wed 1877 to John Hardisty
George Elmer wed 1884 to Jessie Oswald nee Proctor
George Henry Elmer came 1856 on the Arthur the Great with Mary Ann Jessop
Harriet Rachael Elmer wed 1893 to Geo Albert Jones
James Bloomfield Elmer wed 1898 to Jane Forrest
John Zephaniah Elmer wed 1888 to Mary Jane Grant
Lily Liza Elmer wed 1896 to William Beel
Moses Saml Laurel Elmer wed 1894 to Francis Jones
Charles Cloudesley Elmore wed 1912 to Emily Ruth Cottingham
Edith Ann Dorothy Elmore wed 1907 to James Duncan McIntyre
Ernent Theophilus Scot Elmore wed 1910 to Annie Elizabeth Murie
Ernent Theophilus Scot Elmore wed 1919 to Ellen Editha Dudeney
James Frederick Elmore wed 1883 to Julia Stewart
Jane Elmore wed 1904 to James Blenheim McMaster
Julia Elmore wed 1902 to Alfred James Bailey
Marion Elmore wed 1910 to Alexander McNair
Bernhard Wilhelm Fri Eltze wed 1895 to Christiana Clara Baum/Bann
Emma Bertha Lydia Eltze wed 1890 to Karl August Jakobi
Johanna Maria Ernstine Eltze wed 1886 to Georg Bandel
Louise Friderike Eltze wed 1887 to August Johann Diggelmann
Maria Eltze wed 1892 to William George Overall
Wilhelm Gottfried Ferdinand Eltze wed 1864 to Wilhelmina Hinneberg
Mary Eley/Ely wed 1858 to William Parsons
Thomas Ely came May 1853 with Susannah Coppin,
Susannah Ely wed 1855 to Charles Douglas Lankenan
Hannah Embling came c1850 with William Barton Trollop
Thomas Henry Emerson wed 1888 to Ida Louisa Kewley
Edward Emery wed 1921 to Ada Isabel Austin
Eliza Emery came 1853 on the Atalanta with Matthew Poyser
Elizabeth Emery wed 1879 to William Titus
Francis Emery came 1848 on the Cheapside with Fanny Hancock
George Edwin Emery wed 1880 to Ada Heley
Henry Emery wed 1859 to Margaret Bourke/ Burke
James Emery wed 1874 to Jane Grierson
Athelinda Emmerson wed 1854 to John Dale
Charles Emmerson wed 1882 to Lydia Moore nee Roberts
George Emerson/ Emmerson wed 1852 to Mary Thomas
Joseph Emmerson wed 1868 to Mary Anderson Riddell
Margaret Emmerson wed 1875 to Richard (George) Punshon

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