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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Janet Jack wed 1874 to Peter Capp
Jessie Jack wed 1860 to John Hislop
Eleanor Jacklin wed 1885 to Henry Coxhell
George Jacklin came c1868 with Ellen ODonnell
George Jacklin wed 1865 to Ellen Kerr
Jessie Jackman wed 1911 to Archibold Douglas Bailey
Robert Jackman wed 1870 to Isabella Crapper
Annie Jacks wed 1862 to Stephen Hatt
Alfred Jackson wed 1883 to Anne Turner
Alice Mary Jackson wed 1890 to George Wiffen
Ann Jackson came c1849 and renewed wedding vows 1862 to William Hancock
Ann Lace Jackson wed 1889 to Walter Carruthers
Carol Ethel Jackson wed 1887 to James Herbert Barrow
Caroline Elizabeth Jackson came c1870 with George Leslie
Ellen Eliza Jackson wed 1871 to William Cardwell
Harriet Jackson wed 1864 to Gotardo Foletta
Henry James Jackson wed 1887 to Phebe (Phoebe) Poynton
James Jackson wed 1880 to Mary Ann Wilson
Joseph Jackson wed 1887 to Rebecca Parkinson
Louisa Jackson wed 1893 to Henry Wilshusen
Maria Purcell nee Jackson came 1841 on the Dutchess of Northumberlan with Patrick Purcell
Mary Jackson came 1863 on the Royal Dane with John Brolly
Mary Brolly nee Jackson wed 1870 to Charles Bewsey
Mary Elizabeth 'Maud' Jackson wed 1923 to William Henry Arnold
Mary Ellen Jackson wed 1914 to George Joseph Tussup
Saml Geo Jackson wed 1901 to Alice Ah Lyee
Sarah Jackson came c1864 with Peter Perry
William Jackson wed 1904 to Margaret Waterson
William Arthur Jackson wed 1923 to Phebe May Carter
William Henry Jackson wed 1856 to Fanny Campbell
Mary Jackson came c1860 with George Chapman
Caroline Christina Jacob wed 1899 to John Henry Aten Cuttler
Paul Jacob wed 1864 to Karoline Christi (Friederike Caroline) Ackert
Alice Jacobson wed 1891 at Launceston, Tasmania, to Alfred Collins
Annie Jacobson wed 1881 at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia to James Cook
Charles Nathan Jacobson wed 1893 - HOBART, Tasmania, Australia to Sarah Maud Hall
Christopher Jacobson wed 1896 to Sarah Louisa Tatnell
George James Jacobson wed 1881 - Sorell,Tasmania, Australia to Annie Norah Williams
Jacob Jacobson wed 1867 at Sorell Tasmania to Grace Bellett
Lionel Lindley Jacobson wed 1898 - Hobart, Tasmania, to Harriet Cooper Woolley
Louisa Rose Jacobson wed 1873 at Sorell, Tasmania, to John Corbett
Robert Jacobson wed 1855 at Spring Bay, Tasmania, Australia to Mary Ann Bellett
Carl Jacoby wed 1885 to Elizabeth Treganowan
John Thomas Jacques wed 1876 to Mary Ann Martin
Mary Ann Jacques wed 1871 to John Maximilian Zinnecker
Olive Emma Jacques wed 1911 to Frank Sanders
Robert Jacques came c1838 to Thebarton Adelaide with Ann Newman
Thomas Frederick Jacques wed 1870 to Emma Louisa Vessey
William Newan (Newman) Jacques wed 1874 to Anne Quilty
William Newman Jacques wed 1879 to Mary Ann Jones
Hannah Paulina Jeanset/Jaensch wed 1877 to Charles Broadbent
Detlef Jager wed 1867 to Emily Jane Brown
Eliza Jane Jager wed 1917 to Jonas Benj Organ
Frances Detlef Jager wed 1895 to Emily Small
Carl Adolph Jahn wed 1869 to Theresa Matilda Dumesny
Karl August Jakobi wed 1890 to Emma Bertha Lydia Eltze
Edmund James wed 1887 to Adelaide Nichols
Eliza James wed 1886 to John Bosher
Elizabeth James wed 1877 to Lewis Morris
Elizabeth Ann James wed 1886 to William Iles Bowley
Elizabeth Ellen James wed 1873 to John Sampson Pearce
Elizabeth Thomasina James wed 1854 to George Frederick Brewster
Emily James came c1865 with James Penrose
Emily Jane James came c1872 with William Griffiths
Frederick James wed 1876 to Margaret Hennington
George James wed 1888 to Mary Kenworthy
Grace James wed 1863 to John Wolstenholme
James Harris James wed 1887 to Harriett Palmer
John James came 1849 on the Lysander with Susan Harris
John James wed 1873 to Mary Penglase
Mary Ann James wed 1884 to Henry (Hiram) Akers
Mary Elizabeth James wed 1887 to Geo Wm Henry Albert Lechte
Mary Jane James wed 1887 to Geo Robert Flight
Matilda Anne James came c1865 with Edward James Stent
Richard James wed 1898 to Rosetta Rowe
Thomas James came c1858 with Mary Davies
William Harris James wed 1879 to Anne Morrish
William Morgan James wed 1893 to Susan Dempsey
Lucy Cecelia James wed 1882 to William John Backway
Alethea Jamieson wed 1873 to William Brien
Alexander Jamieson wed c1856 to Margaret Birmingham
Cath Watson Jamieson wed c1904 to Edward Thomas Trainor
Elizabeth Jamieson wed 1866 to Robert Maughan
George Jamieson wed 1870 to Henrietta Blair Bell
Hugh Jamieson wed 1868 to Isabella McKissock
Isabella Jamieson wed 1854 to John Jamieson
James Jamieson wed 1879 to Louisa Souter
John Jamieson wed 1854 to Isabella Jamieson
John R Jamieson came 1855 on the Boomerang with Isabella JaneRoberts
Mary Jamieson wed 1875 to Fred Brown
Mary Isabella Jamieson wed 1892 to Robert Alexander Carling
William Jamieson wed 1887 to Agnes Thomson
Hermann Janetzki wed 1888 to Anna Ernestine Burger
Hilda Beatrice Janson wed 1913 to John Middleton
Margaret Jardine came 1853 on the Genghis Khan with Andrew McKenzie
Margaret Bain Jardine wed 1860 to Thomas Folster
Ada Alice Jarman wed 1892 to David Thomas Medwin
Flo Amelia Jarman wed c1909 to Herbert Edward Hingham Burstall
William Henry Jarman wed 1868 to Ann Negus Fenton
Mary Ann Jarrett wed 1888 to James Prescott Wellman
Thomas Jarrett came 1857 on the Talbot with Charlotte Smith
Mary Jarvie wed 1892 to George Hare

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