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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Annie Elizth Monk wed 1902 to David Francis Giggins
Joseph Monk came c1877 with Lydia Wadsworth
Annie Louisa Monn wed 1880 to Thomas Chiller
Antonio Dante Monotti wed 1894 to Emma McGuinnes
Ernest Monotti wed 1911 to Alice Penniah Read
Ernest Virginium Monotti wed 1906 to Mahala Williams
Francesca Maria Monotti wed 1885 to Alfred Carrington
Giacomo Monotti wed 1867 to Jane McPherson
William Devein Monsell wed 1865 to Bridget Meany / Meaney
Alexander Monteith wed 1863 to Mary Staley
Elizabeth Monteith wed 1891 to Wm Jas Walter
Hugh Monteith wed 1885 to Mary Alice Norris
Jane Allan Donaldson Monteith wed 1899 to Richd Baker Metherall
Margaret Monteith wed 1890 to Robt Munro
Thomas Staley Monteith wed 1895 to Alice Maud Orwin
Robert Montgomery wed Agnes Nancy McAliece
Mary Jane Monti wed 1889 to John William Sidebottom
Ann Moody came 1871 on the Bengal with John Bewsher
Robt Hy Moody wed 1891 to Blanch Cecilia Penberthy
Alexander Moon came c1862 with Mary Ann Cheard
Emma Moon wed 1879 to James Spiers
George Moon wed 1888 to Maria Louisa McClintock
Henry Moon wed 1887 to Ann Broad
John Moon came c1853 with Mary Ann Littleton
John Moon wed 1879 to Lydia Spiers
Mary Ann Moon came c1860 with Joseph Berryman
Susanna Mooney came c1843 with John Hetherington
Jane Moor came 1870 on the Percy with Peter Ditchburn
Ann Moore came 1864 with Samuel Verey
Anne Moore wed 1866 in Tasmania to William Garbett
Annie Moore wed 1887 to David Gunnell
Charlotte Moore came 1864 on the Marco Polo with Philip Hogan
Edward Moore wed 1857 at Hobart, to Anne Birchall
Eliza Betsy Moore wed 1879 to John James Munroe
Eliza May Moore wed 1906 to Richd Hy Opie
Eliza Ross nee Moore wed 1862 to Peter Wedd
Ellen Margt Moore wed 1889 to Henry Augustus Lyte
Emma Ada Moore wed 1890 to Peter Brown
Ernest William Moore wed 1897 to Blanche Josephine Bellette
Estella Moore wed 1896 to William James Plant
Fanny Moore came 1849 on the Nelson as Assisted British Immigrants with Thomas Dutton
George Moore wed 1860 to Sarah Bradley
George Moore wed 1868 to Elizabeth Phillimore Goodland
George Moore wed 1874 to Louisa Goodland
Hannah Moore wed 1864 to Jacob Harbrow
Hester Mary Louisa Moore wed 1904 to Hurtle Septimus Trotman
Ina Zaide Moore wed 1893 to Charles William Hy Gravely
Isabella Moore wed 1885 to Henry Alfred De Groot
James Moore wed 1893 to Barbara Stewart Kinnersley nee Mclellen
Jane Moore wed 1868 to John Michael
Jane Pearson Moore wed 1865 to George Wolstenholme
Johanna Moore wed 1857 to John Proctor
John Moore came c1860 with Catherine Reynolds
Kate Minnie/CatherineMoore wed 1879 to Thomas Julian
Levinia Emmerson Moore wed 1886 to William Govan
Margaret Moore wed 1864 to Henry Lucas
Martha Moore came c1854 with William Lewis
Mary Moore came 1855 with William Pilkington
Richard Moore came c1854 with Lydia Roberts
Richard Moore came c1870 with Mary Jane Barber
Richard Roberts Moore wed 1875 to Harriet Claydon
Sarah Moore came c1865 with James Cracknell
Sarah Moore wed 1856 to Thomas Gathercole
Selina Moore wed 1855 to George Kerrison
Susan Birchall Moore wed 1879 in Sorell, Tas to Ephraim Newitt
Timothy Steadman Moore wed 1870 to Elizabeth Blake
William Moore wed 1857 to Ruth Twigg
Christopher John Moorfoot wed 1906 to Eliza Seater
Elizabeth Moorfoot wed 1889 to James Anderson Dickson
Thomas Moorfoot wed 1867 to Emma Merry
Thomas Moorfoot wed 1882 to Annie Wilson
Celia Moran came c1869 with Henry Petty
Margt Isabella McLean/ Moran wed 1895 to Joseph Mayman
Isabella More wed 1882 to Richard Date
James More came 1854 with Margt McCulloch
Ella MayMorey wed Robert Biggs
Alice Morgan wed 1877 in Victoria to Thomas Wicker
Bridget Morgan came c1861 with Thomas Shearman
Eleanor Morgan came c1860 with Thomas Biles
Emma Morgan wed 1881 to John Teasdale
George Morgan wed c1855 to Frances Harbour/ Harbrow
Gweny Morgan came c1854 with Edward Edwards
Henry Morgan came c1854 with Elizabeth Youlden Westaway
James Fyfe Morgan wed 1879 to Elizabeth Ellenor Alderson
James Warner Morgan wed 1906 to Anne Susanna Frederica Miller
Jane Morgan came c1869 with George Gwynne
John Wyndham Morgan wed 1916 to Olivia Pettit
Louisa Swanson nee Morgan wed 1862 to Frederick Vendy
Margaret Morgan wed 1864 to William Henry Hawking
Mary Ann Morgan wed 1883 to Donald McPherson Teasdale
Roger Morgan wed 1868 to Ellen Day
William Morgan came c1853 with Elizabeth Smith
William Llewellyn Morgan wed 1883 to Helen Williams
Elizabeth Morgans came 1852 on the Amazon with Richard Richards
Elizabeth Ellen Morley wed 1882 to George Mclean
George Morley wed 1868 to Mary Brennan
Harriett Morley wed 1874 to Ezekiel Harbrow
James Morley wed 1858 to Mary Elizabeth Aylwin/ Aylwine
Jane Morley wed 1858 to John Collins
Jesse Morley came 1844 on the Sea Queen with Hannah Cortnagh/Courtanage
Jesse Morley wed 1858 to Ann Noland
Jesse Morley wed 1869 to Sally Dove
Mary Ann Morley wed 1866 to James Thomas Gray
Sarah Ann Morley wed 1875 to Petter Wallin
William Morley wed 1874 to Ellen Jane Smith
Ann Catherine Moroney wed 1855 to Alfred John Windley
Ann Catherine Windley nee Moroney wed 1887 to Harry Detlef Christian Synnberg
Bridget Moroney wed 1864 to Henry Horatio Raven
Mary Ann Morphew was followed 1860 via the Lord Raglan by Benjamin Whalebone
Marcellan Morran came c1858 with Henry Mead
Charles Morrell came c1870 with Catharina Monicka Schubach
Henry Cuthbert Morrell wed 1903 to Olive Millicent Young
John Morrell wed 1859 to Mary Ann Dooley
Maria Elizabeth Morrell wed 1899 to Thomas Deering
Susanna Harriet Morrell wed c1880 in WA to Henry John Leeder

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