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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Eliza Alice Willing wed 1881 to Arthur Edmund Risby
Emily Rose Willing wed 1888 to Frederick William Barry
Minnie Isabel Willing wed 1898 to Arthur Edmund Risby
Richard Willing wed 1843 to Eleanor Plummer
Richard James Willing wed 1866 in Victoria to Eliza Ann Rundell
Richd James Willing wed 1898 to Eleanor Kohn
William Samuel Willing wed 1881 to Amelia Caroline Williams
Abraham Willis wed 1855 to Isabella Band
Hannah Willis wed 1881 to John Clayfield
Hezekiah Willis wed 1871 to Ann Bennett
Hezekiah Willis wed 1878 to Mary Clayfield
John Willis came c1854 with Mary Jones
John Willis was joined 1858 via the Conway by Amelia Digby
John Willis wed 1886 to Mary Jane Kirkham
Mary Anne Willis wed 1877 to George Blabey
Rhoda Willis wed 1864 to Thomas Keane/Cain
John James Willmott wed 1896 to Victoria Elizabeth Patten
Lucy Deborah Willmott wed 1887 to William Mansfield
Fanny Archer Willott came c1886 with Benjamin Cook Baker
Arthur John Willoughby wed 1879 to Mary Ann Smith
Chtte May Willoughby wed 1914 to Harold Pettit
Harriet Willoughby wed 1872 to Samuel Alfred Sterry
James Willoughby wed 1872 to Kate McPherson
Kate May Willoughby wed 1904 to Robt Exon
William Willoughby came c1856 with Mary Rose
Elizabeth Wells/Wills wed 1873 to James Henry Archer
Frederick Wills wed 1883 to Margaret Jane Smith
Henry Wills wed 1850 to Maria Howard Walker
James Wills wed 1879 to Mary Tyley/ Tiley
Jane Pearse Wills came c1848 with Nicholas Morsey Bickford
John Walker Wills wed 1884 to Emily Louisa Balzary
Louisa Wills wed 1889 to John Angus
Mary Greening Willwent wed 1859 to Daniel Sayer
Catherine Wilshusen wed 1900 to Henry Burmiester
Claus Wilshusen wed 1886 to Lucy Lindsay
Ella May Wilshusen wed 1914 to Robert Rae Ousley
George Wilshusen wed 1915 to Ethelind Hannah Whimpey
Gracie Wilshusen wed 1896 to William Henry Connor
Hannah Wilshusen wed 1900 to Alex Downie Blackburn Burrows
Henrich Wilshusen wed 1877 to Grace Spedding
Henrich Wilshusen wed c1864 to Hannah Williamson
Henry Wilshusen wed 1893 to Louisa Jackson
Jane Wilshusen wed 1889 to James Alexander McDonald
Margaret Wilshusen wed 1890 to Robert Henry Douthat
EmmaWilson wed c1902 first Thomas Henry Chamberlain
Adeline Maria Wilson wed 1907 to George Crowhurs
Albert Wilson wed 1900 to Louisa Ann Burr
Alice Frances Emily Wilson wed 1869 to Alexander Swanson
Amelia Maria Wilson wed 1875 to Henry Stiggants
Andrew Wilson wed 1875 to Sarah Jane Anthony
Annie Wilson wed 1882 to Thomas Moorfoot
Archibald Wilson wed 1884 to Martha Jane Young
Arthur John Wilson wed 1912 to Alice Beard
Arthur John Wilson wed 1941 to Edna Mary Backway
Caroline Wilson came c1857 with Zephaniah Forrester
Catherine Wilson wed 1882 to Edmond Stephen Thorp
Charles Wilson wed 1874 to Margaret Buck
Charles Allen Wilson wed 1873 to Sarah Amelia Ware
Clarence Arthur Wilson wed 1925 to Corinne Anne Trumble
Cornelius Wilson wed 1888 to Sarah Jane Krygger
David Wilson wed 1894 to Hannah Arnold
Diana Wilson wed 1889 to Samuel Brewer
Dorothy Eileen Wilson wed 1918 to Arnold Male
Dulcie Bell Wilson wed 1919 to David Pollock
Edwin Wilson wed 1883 to Margery (Marjory) Drysdale
Edwin Wilson wed 1908 to Matilda Goldsworthy
Eliza Jane Wilson wed 1898 to Charles Edwin Cripps
Elizabeth Wilson came 1853 on the Genghis Khan with William Simpkin
Elizabeth Wilson came c1864 with Augustus Wagner
Elizabeth Wilson wed 1854 to William Wandlass Herbert
Elizabeth Wilson wed 1879 to Martin Kennedy
Elizabeth Ann Wilson wed 1905 to Luke William Harrison
Ellen Wilson wed 1887 to William Bramley
George Wilson wed 1869 to Maria Taylor
George Arthur Wilson wed 1900 to Lavenia Jane Ann Palmer
Hannah Wilson wed 1881 to Charles Francis Forward
Harriet Wilson wed 1861 to William Turnbull Johnson
Harry Herbert Wilson wed 1883 to Sarah Ann Pope
Henry Wilson came 1857 on the Chance with Elizabeth/Eliza Baker
Henry Wilson wed 1908 to Emma Ashworth
Henry Mckay Wilson wed 1888 to Dorothea Ann Fairless
Herbert Stephen Wilson wed 1897 to Mary Taylor
Herbert Stephen Wilson wed 1939 to Jessie Matilda Terry nee Elliott
Indiana Maria Wilson wed 1875 to Edward James Tawton
Isabella Wilson came c1861 with William McFeeters
Isabella Wilson wed 1839 to David Boyle
Isabella Thompson Wilson wed 1866 to Abraham Richards
Ivy Isabella Wilson wed 1938 to Harold Lennox Nicholls
Ivy Mathilda Wilson wed 1913 to William Albert Hiram Backway
James Wilson wed 1883 to Maria Jane Benning
James Ernest Wilson wed c1920 to Elsie Myrtle Lyon
James George Suddy Wilson wed 1895 to Emily Taylor
James George Suddy Wilson wed 1905 to Mary Isabel Saunders
James Mundell Wilson wed 1853 to Martha Fagan/Fegin Featherson
James Towler Wilson wed 1889 at Arnold's Bridge to Mary Jane Clark
Jane Wilson came c1855 with John Kerr
Jane Wilson wed 1853 at New Norfolk Tasmania to Nicholas Dingle
Jane Thomson Wilson wed 1882 to John Glass Johnstone
Jane Willison / Wilson wed 1853 to John Tennant Veitch
Jessie Wilson wed 1863 to Charles Blurton
Jessie Wilson wed 1882 to Charly Trigg
Jno Thos Wilson wed 1896 to Emily Louisa Letts
John Wilson came 1843 on the Royal Consort with Martha Burgess
John Wilson wed 1862 to Diana Lippiatt
John Wilson wed 1874 to Ann Swanson
John Wilson wed 1884 to Mary Eliza Winafred Mayman
John Wilson wed 1885 to Rachel Stokes
John Burgess Wilson wed 1857 to Christina MacPherson
John Thomas Wilson wed 1895 to Selina Farrar
Joseph Wilson wed 1866 to Sarah Whatmough
Joseph Thomas Wilson wed 1883 to Clara Oldis
Lily Maria Wilson wed 1927 to Cecil Roy Peter Waigh
Lydia Sarah Wilson wed 1909 to James Harrison
Margaret Wilson wed 1873 to Edward / Edmund Pickett
Margaret Wilson wed 1887 to Henry Angus
Margaret Jane Wilson wed 1874 to William Brodie
Martha Wilson wed 1859 to Robert Godber
Martha Jane Wilson wed 1889 to George Hardie Clark
Mary Wilson wed 1874 to Thomas Carter Studman
Mary (Minnie) Jemima Wilson wed 1888 to Henry James Drury
Mary Ann Wilson came c1874 with Andrew Lawson
Mary Ann Wilson wed 1880 to James Jackson
Mary Caroline Wilson wed 1914 to John Morse
Mary Caroline Morse nee Wilson wed 1907 to Cornelius Hancock
Mary Jane Wilson wed 1859 to Samuel John Kenshole
Muriel Rachel Matilda Wilson wed 1917 to William Digby Wright
Myrtle Eva Wilson wed 1924 to Arthur John Melbourne Aylward
Nancy Jane Wilson wed 1877 to John Rock Benallack
Nellie Owen Wilson wed 1913 to Barclay Searle Malvern Woodmason
Norman Albert Wilson wed 1915 to Eva Hawkey
Peter Wilson wed 1887 to Mary Elizabeth Bissland
Robert Wilson came c1851 with Martha Whitehead
Robert Wilson came c1856 with Ann Larmont
Robert Wilson wed 1847 to Ann Little
Robert Edwin Wilson wed 1873 to Catherine Elizabeth Clay
Robert Edwin Wilson wed 1884 to Elizabeth Hatton
Robert Francis Wilson came c1856 with Mary Ann Redman
Robert Leslie Wilson wed 1915 to Bessie Beatrice Treeby
Robert Leslie Wilson wed c1910 as second wife to Lena May Bassett
Samuel Edward Wilson wed 1893 to Lily Jane Armstrong
Sarah Wilson wed 1881 to Arthur Gibson
Sarah Wilson wed 1883 to Henry Frederick Woolley
Sarah Eliza Wilson wed 1913 to Joseph Hancock
Thomas Wilson came c1856 with Eleanor Nicholson
Thomas Wilson wed c1893 to Henrietta Droscher
William Wilson wed 1881 to Lydia Sarah Eynon
William Wilson wed 1920 to Emily Elizabeth Brown
William Wilson wed c1884 to Sarah Jane Unwin
William George Wilson wed 1875 to Ellen Elizabeth Trevett
William Henry Wilson wed 1904 to Clara Collinson
William Thomas Wilson wed 1912 to Agnes Deering
Agnes Ada Wilson came c1883 with Samuel Armstrong
Mary Caroline Wilson wed 1915 to Robert John Morse
Alice Elizabeth Wilton wed 1867 to Jacob Hindhaugh
Emily Jane Wilton wed 1872 to John Cabble
William Wilton came c1840 with Mary Anne Ramsdale
Carol Agnes Wiltshire wed 1888 to Samuel Thomas Bowen
Salome Elizabeth Wiltshire wed 1863 to Richard Plant

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