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The most sacred book and the primary source of legislation.
The second source of legislation.
The Prophet's Companions
The best people of His and our time.
Islamic Poems
The best Islamic poems exclusively on MSA.

Muslims Students Association Welcomes you to our highly update web site. We have up to date information about Islam and the Muslim community at the college. Inshallah we are hoping this web site will provide you with all the information you need to know about MSA at LaGuardia.
On the top we present you with all the information about MSA such as: Events, MSA Library, Executive, Networking and how to email us. One of the unique features on the top bar is "Networking" where you will find used books on sale by student on compass. One of the reason for "Networking" is to keep the community together at the LaGuardia Community College.
Our Mission is to spread Islam. We are making sure that information about Islam reaches to each and every one of you, as a result we have put together a MSA Library for all the student information. [clickhere ]The Library is very unique in it's own way.It has all the information from who is Allah.?,and what is Islam..?,to Muslim history.

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