Debbie and Kathy ran a marathon in San Diego for Leukemia and Yossi. They brought him a T-shirt that said: "If you think running a marathon is tough, try Chemotherapy"

Here is some old stuff from the first transplant.

You can see pictures of my dads visit to Richmond, Nov. 8-10, 1997.Show me Grandpa Franklin's trip to visit Yossi Chaim. Here is a personal message from Yossi Chaim that he wrote before his Bone Marrow Transplant. Yossi Chaim's letter before his transplant. Read the donor's letter to us.
This is an inspirational letter for Yossi Chaim (and everyone else) from his (former) computer teacher. We would like to try and thank everyone for all that they have done.Thank you page...updated March 26, 1998 Leah wrote an article, and submitted it to a popular Jewish magazine- Horizons. It was published in the fall issue, and is on sale now. (It's the Horizon's #18.) My Two Cents
The remaining sections show a more personal side of Yossi Chaim. Mommy's letter. Grandpa Franklin's letter.
And another letter for Yossi Chaim... I would like to see the picture and read the letter from the Kahns. If you would like to include a story about Yossi Chaim, please send it to:

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