This is the website for the Paranormal Researchers Of Ohio Valley based in Louisville, KY.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to investigating hauntings and unexplained phenomena in the Kentucky and Southern Indiana region.  If you are experiencing paranormal activity and need assistance or know of activity or phenomena we could investigate please contact us.  Our services are professional and 100% free.  Information is kept strictly confidential and investigations are very discreet.  We research the history of the location and use scientific methods and psychical impressions to gain a full understanding of the phenomenon and determine it's cause.  We have years of experience investigating phenomenon and our members include the Central KY AGS rep. and established clairvoyants.  All the procedures we may use to investigate the location will be explained fully.  We will supply you with a full report of our findings.  Our interest is not fame and fortune.  It's only to advance the field of paranormal study and assist those in need.  Unless otherwise noted all pictures and stories here are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced anywhere else in whole or in part without the written consent of the owner.  If you have experienced problems with this site or have some recommendations/comments feel free to contact the webmaster.   For general information, questions and comments you can email us .  PROOV is a private group and membership is closed. 

For further information many books are available on any of the subjects addressed on this website.  Some recommendations are:

-Books by William Lynwood Montell - Ghosts Across Ky, Haunted Houses And Family Ghosts Of KY, Ghosts Along The Cumberland
-Ghosts And How To See Them by Peter Underwood
-Guide to Ghosts and Haunted Places by Peter Underwood
- Hauntings:  Real-Life Encounters With Troubled Spirits - Hazel M. Denning
-Dear Echo: Answers To Your Questions About Ghosts, Hauntings And Things That Go Bump In the Night, Relax It's Only A Ghost by Echo Bodine
- How To Hunt Ghosts by Joshua Warren
- How To Be A Ghost Hunter by Richard Southall
-Hunting the Dead : Methods of Ghost Chasing by Brian Roesch
-Field Guide to Spirit Photography by Dale Kaczmarek
-Entities : Angels, Spirits, Demons, and Other Alien Beings by Joe Nickell
-Missing Pieces : How to Investigate Ghosts, Ufos,Psychics, & Other Mysteries
by Joe Nickell & Robert Baker
-Protected by the Light : The Complete Book of Psychic Self Defense; 2nd Edition
by Dr. Bruce Goldberg
-Psychic Development For Beginners by William H. Hewitt
-Your Sixth Sense by Belleruth Naparstek

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