"Ghosts and ghostly activity have been reported from all parts of the world, in every civilization, since the beginning of recorded history.  The wealth of available good evidence is quite extraordinary.  All kinds of people apparently see ghosts, often only once or twice in a lifetime, but there can be no doubt that on occasions the intelligent and critical as well as the primitive and uneducated of all ages do see them.  Overwhelming evidence from widely varied sources and in differing circumstances, climatic conditions and fluctuating degrees of light suggest conclusively that honest people with healthy minds in healthy bodies do see ghosts."  -Peter Underwood

1. Residual haunting - A visual playback of a past event.  They do not acknowledge you or interact with the environment.  Can be human, animal or inanimate object(like a chair).
2. Interactive  - Makes you aware of them in various ways - sight, sound, smell, activity.  These ghosts usually have a motive for communication.  Human, animal or non human entity. 

Almost anywhere.  Cemetaries, churches, historic locations, businesses, private homes, sites of emotionally charged events, etc.

They may be attached to a person, place or thing, they may have something to communicate or who knows, maybe they're just on vacation.

It's thought that generally ghosts do not intend to cause harm.  I've never personally heard a credible story of a ghost attempting to harm someone.  However, if you have something in your house and it seems negative and angry then you should exercise caution.  Through the media we have heard of a few cases where items have been thrown and  persons have been scratched or pushed.  It may also be possible for a ghost to project feelings.  Considering that so little is known about ghosts care should be taken until you know more about the situation.  Other entities, though
extremely rare, can cause harm.  These are poltergeist phenomena and demons.  Poltergiest phenomena may be caused by spontaneous telekinesis or perhaps a micheavious spirit.  Demons, unlike ghosts, are non human entities with negative intentions. 

Definitely maybe.  A clairvoyant can assist a spirit in resolving whatever issue they may have and moving on.  Residual hauntings fade over time if the energy isn't replenished.  Poltergeist activity usually goes away or may take a visit to a counselor.  If it doesn't go away then it may be a legitimate malevolent spirit or demon.  Those may take multiple exorcisms depending on the type of entity.  Other specters such as family ghosts(who appear to offer forwarnings of events) may never go away. 

Extremely unlikely but there may be a small chance depending on the entity.  If you are concerned about an entity following you home or affecting you then you can recite an original or religious prayer.  For example, reciting the Lords prayer or simply greeting the location and stating your intentions, "just here to observe" and when leaving you can clearly state that nothing is allowed to leave with you.  They must remain here.  You can also view yourself completely surrounded by protective white light(force field). Lastly, if you'd like, you can carry an item of religious significance.  Using at least one of these methods is recommended because you are putting yourself into an unusual situation and not enough is known about how individuals can be affected or what can affect them.

Spirit orbs are small spherical anomalies that are considered by many to be the most common representation of spirits.  Orbs are not commonly seen by the human eye but they are visible in pictures from a regular or digital camera.  Orbs can be different sizes and different colors.  Generally, it's thought that red and orange are negative perhaps angry.  Yellow, blue and green are more positive. 

It is difficult to tell a possible spirit orb in a picture from other sources because the round shape is the basic shape of light reflection from dust and other objects.  Generally if it looks fairly solid and light reflections can be excluded as the source of an orb then the picture is considered a good one.  But having a good orb in a picture does not necessarily mean you have a picture of a spirit.  The likelyhood of having a picture of a spirit increases if the photo is from a location with history of phenomenon and if you have readings from other instruments.

Unless there is a history of violent phenomena in your location, do not be alarmed.  Observe the
phenomena paying close attention to detail and consider yourself lucky to have experienced a once in a lifetime event.  Afterwards, write down a description of the event .  Do not depend on your memory.  Memory has proven to be very unreliable even after just a few hours.  Note as many details about the event as you can recall.  For example, if it was an orb or fog, note it's color, direction, position, behavior, etc.  If it was a sound note it's duration, volume, direction.  If it was an apparition note, the clothing, sex, hair style, actions(walking, floating, holding something, etc).  With any phenomena also be sure to note the time, date, atmospheric conditions, lighting, what you were doing and if you felt the phenomena was projecting any emotions.  Lastly and most important, contact us.         


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