We will share a few of our excursions & investigations here.  To protect individuals privacy and property the specific name and location of investigations will not be revealed.

EAST END CEMETERY : We have conducted a preliminary investigation of a cemetery in the east end of Louisville.  Evidence collected there consists of eye witness accounts of a moving dark mist, unseen physical forces and photographs of orbs. 

RESIDENCE 1: Witness accounts consist of strange noises, feelings of being watched and apparitions.  A priliminary visit has not shown any strange EMF or temperature readings and nothing has shown up on photographs. Also, the current resident has reported that nothing strange is occuring. 

RESIDENCE 2: Juvenile witness report seeing a first degree manifestation.  We found no supporting data but our clairvoyaints reported they felt there was an entity that would look in on the child on occassion.

RESIDENCE 3:  Various witnesses report items moving, cold spots and third degree manifestations.   Two investigations registered EMF spikes and different times in a back bedroom where husband passed. 

RESIDENCE 4: Owner reports a variety of activity.  One investigator obtained EVP from the master bedroom.  When asking the question "Is there anyone with you?"  a response of "no" is heard.

BUILDING 1:  This is a large old two story structure.  Originally it was a wealthy landowners residence.  Witness reports consist of footsteps, feelings of a presence and visible manifestations.  A preliminary investigation produced one strange photographic anomaly in the basement and a third degree manifestation in the first floor hallway of the structure.  But no irregular EMF or temp. readings.  A primary investigation with our clairvoyants produced some interesting information.       

ANIMAL HOSPITAL: This is a very old two story structure.  It was originally a school house.  Later it became a gas station, a grocery & apt, an insurance office and is now an animal hospital.  Employees there report one sighting of  an apparition, doors slamming, footsteps on the stairs, a sigh over one employees shoulder and childrens voices.  During the preliminary investigation there was one erroneous EMF spike in the downstairs central lab.  No abnormal temperature variations.  Upstairs where most of the activity occurs there were no unusual readings.  One interesting incident that occured was that upon returning from an extended break investigators found a book in the middle of the floor.  The book was an unusual distance away from the backpack it had been placed in. 

COUNTRY CLUB:  No unusualy emf or temperature readings.   A child's handprint had appeard on a wall.

WAVERLY HILLS SANATORIUM:  An investigator obtained video of unexplainable phenomena flying up and down a hallwayin and also witnessed light orbs floating in the air in response to another investigator's prompting "them" to come out.

More to post.  Stay tuned.

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Here an investigator took a photo of a small cemetery in the east end.  A couple photos showed this anomaly slowly ascending.
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