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Ghost photography is not an exact science.  Most things can be explained as distortions of  shadows, stains on walls, light reflections off dust, pattern recognition mind tricks, etc. But maybe, just maybe, you might get a ghost.  Need an opinion of a photograph? Contact us.
Is that a face peering out of the lowest window pane on the far right?  I can't really tell.  What helps is when there are other photos, instrument readings, witness accounts and even clairvoyants to support your theories.  From this location we also photographed good orbs, mist and got some EMF readings.  Interviewing witnesses will provide more information for us.
UPDATE: A return visit has shown that  what looks like a form at the top of the stairs peering down is actually the reflection of the flash off the handrail.   
After 15 minutes of euphoria we started to wonder if this vortex was just caused by a flashlight beam.  But the jury is still out on it.  The face peering up into the light we decided may be an outcropping of the porch.  We'll need to return for a second investigation and run a few experiments. UPDATE: We have been unable to recreate this beam and the porch does not stick out from the bushes.
The rare camera strap vortex.  The "braided" pattern is a dead giveaway.  This would fool someone because it appears to end and not continue out of the frame.  I am positive the strap was in the way though.
These two photos are good example of atmospheric conditions that tend to get ghost hunters excited.  I suspect these are clouds of moisture close to the camera and reflecting the flash.  The moisture clouds were not visible.  The first was taken a few moments before the snow orbs from above(outside my apartment which is not haunted).  The second was taken with another group in warmer weather outside a reportedly haunted location in Lexington.  I didn't get any unusual EMF or temperature readings when the photo was taken.   
Here we have snow.  This is a good example of how small objects from different distances reflect light.  The closer flakes appear far more solid.  Getting an orb that's solid like these and doesn't have wings(like a bug) is a good thing.
Here's an orb from an interior of an abandoned house.  Before this was taken another photo by another investigator was taken which showed three orbs in the same vicinity.  On  return visits we have photographed more orbs and anomolies.  Psychics have speculated there is a presence in the location.
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