Terms & Gear
Orb - Spherical anomaly in photograph.  May represent a spirit in some cases.
Mist/fog - Atmospheric anomaly which may represent a spirit in some cases.
Vortex - Mist or fog which has a discernable shape and may or may not be a portal.
Portal - Doorway between the spirit world and our own
dimension.  Can occure in various places, such as around native american burial mounds or induced during a seance.
EMF -  Electro Magnetic Field; fields generated by charged particles.  Everything with energy generates EMF - appliances, electric lines, batteries, people, etc.  Erratic fields may be evidence of phenomena.
Milligauss - unit of measurement for EMF.

EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena; unexplainable audible phenomena which is recorded.
Degrees of manifestation - First is an interactive apparition, second is a form or apparition which does not seem aware of you or the environment, third is a something seen briefly out of the corner of your eye and fourth is aural.

Flashlights, cameras, pen & paper, watches, compass, digital & analog audio recorders w. external mic(& wind cover if outside), various EMF meters, 2 way radios, motion detector(s), various non-contact thermometers, digital & analog video cameras
Compass - like an EMF meter a compass may indicate a change in electromagnetic fields.  It can also tell you where you are if you're lost in the woods.
Watch - note time & duration of phenomenon
EMF meter - indicates changes in electromagnetic fields.  A rise in field intensity could indicate phenomenon.
Non contact instant thermometer - indicates changes in temperature.  An extreme drop or rise in temp could indicate phenomenon.

For more info on equipment go to the
Ghost Research Society.
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Here an investigator is getting high readings with an EMF meter.  A photo with a 35mm camera was taken capturing this ectoplasmic mist.
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This debate will probably go on forever.  My opinion is use both.  35MM is necessary because you have proof of the photos legitimacy with the negative.  Cons are, you can get anomalies from developing and it can get expensive if you take alot of photographs.  Digital is very nice to have because you can immediately see the photograph, uploading to your PC is easy, it's especially handy if you like to analyze photos on site and you save money on developing.  Be sure to take the photo at a high resolution though because low res photos are useless when magnified.  Digital is also nice to use when you are just documenting the investigation.  Be sure to clean your camera lense frequently with a lense cloth and regularly with lense solution.  Also be aware that if you have your flash set too bright you may get more "dust" orbs in dusty locations.  

Go visit the S.J.G.R. to learn how the weather affects investigations.
Click here for some cautions & tips for investigations.
Though ghosts have been around for a long time the field of parnormal research is still in it's early stages of development.  At our disposal we do not have advanced equipment which allow us to quickly locate and measure phenomena with precision.  A genuine clairvoyant(psychic) can be very instrumental when investigating reported phenomena. They can add insight into the reasons behind a haunting, identify possibilities and assist clients with closure.  Clairvoyants with legitimate abilities can determine which areas of a location are best to focus on to gather evidence.  If you retain a clairvoyant be sure to check their credentials and do not supply them with any information before or during their reading. A genuine clairvoyant will not ask for information beforehand, will behave respectfully and will provide a deeper understanding of the phenomena present.