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The Talbott Inn
Waverly Hills TB Sanitorium
The Story Inn
The Story Inn is a relaxing place to visit.  Among hiking and horseback riding you can search for the "Blue Lady".  She has been sited many times by many different people over the years.  Supposedly by turning on the blue light one can summon her.
The Talbott Inn is among the many fine haunts in historic Bardstown.  The original inn was damaged in a fire in the 90's but was restored to it's original grandeur.  Here one of the things the ghosts enjoy doing is turning on the heaters.  One of our investigators experienced just that in the mens restroom.
At Waverly the best stories come from the present owners and the security guards.  The owners have reported seeing the ghost of a transient and his dog. Supposedly he was murdered by some teenage boys. The guards report various lights, sounds and apparitions.  Be forwarned, Waverly is private property and has diligent security.  If you want to visit wait for them to give tours this Halloween.  Waverly Hills is in jeopardy of being condemned.  If you would like to help save it go to the Waverly Hills Preservation Society website.
Tom Swartz
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(The blue light is on the left.)
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Think you have a haunting?  Look for the signs.  Strange noises, voices, smells, doors opening/closing, items disappearing, noticeable shadows from the corner of your eye, pets behaving oddly, unusual temperature changes, feelings of being watched or touched and of course, items visibly levitating or visible apparitions.  Think there's something going on and need advice? Don't despair.  Rarely is there any danger to you.  Try to confirm there's no other cause like jokesters or just noisey pipes and start keeping a journal.  If it persists with no explanation then attempt to capture the phenomena on an audio or video recording and give it time to run it's course.  If it continues for an extended period or you become concerned you can contact your clergy or neighborhood church and you can also contact paranormal investigators.  If you're in Kentuckiana feel free to contact us.  Our services are free of charge, discrete and professional.  Our only interest is to collect evidence of phenomena and to assist those experiencing the phenomena.