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A note to the reader…


  Spiritual content of a biblical nature is in everything I write. I’ll always give you a great story, though, with realistic experiences, honest characterizations, and some plain fun.


  Sometimes my stories will be offensive to Christians, who will be upset by what I write. If you want to know more about that, read the why page. ¡Gracias!



Please remember to credit the author, listing the original

 website address on all copies printed or distributed.






His Wife






A man on a rooftop sees a beautiful woman and wishes that she were his own. If her husband doesn’t appreciate her, why not give her the chance at a better one? Temptation is a powerful thing, but a heart for God can conquer it.










Sara is determined to avoid her ex-boyfriend at all costs, so when her job takes her to his dad's house, she is determined to use her own limited Spanish skills to communicate her message and then hurry out of there before Pedro arrives; and that is how this whole mess begins!



Let’s Kiss




It started out with wanting to get her first kiss, and ended up with – well, you’ll see! It’s a short one that made me smile.









New chapters added monthly!



Hawthorne is old enough to be her grandfather, and that’s just the first problem their love will face. Yet, when it’s all part of God’s plan, the oddest of relationships can succeed and bless others.




Editing underway


This story began when I heard the song, The Broken Road sung by Selah. Then, it evolved into something else.





This is my first story of its kind – interactive with many options – but it’s still in progress.


Editing underway


Christine has always wanted to be married by 27, and she thought that was God's plan, too, but now the clock is ticking and a happy ending seems unlikely. But now her mother, of all people, has the idea that maybe her best friend, Kevin, a handsome young black med student, might be the one for her. Is her mom right? She doesn’t know what to think or where to begin to react to this idea.



12 Years


It was my first online novel.


Editing underway



Patrick is a good man, and he has waited his whole life for the right woman – um – child? Patrick and Christa are not your ordinary couple – and that twelve-year age gap makes quite a difference.







Editing underway


Friendship with people of other faiths may be a great evangelism tool, but it’s also a way to end up falling in love with the single dad down the street.



4 the Baby


Editing underway


Tasha is unconventional and a little weird, so why wouldn’t her plans for having a baby include her homosexual best friend? And why is he against it?





W i n g



Editing underway


Dad’s most trustworthy employee is also her best friend, until Wing gives her an ultimatum – marry him or lose him forever. So she agrees to marry him … and then he puts her off … huh?





Editing underway



This single mom’s less-than-inspiring life was enough for her until God reveals amazing changes just around the corner.














A young man placed tattoos of skulls and flaming crosses on his skin as an act of defiance to God … you see, he believes his father went to Hell, and he wants nothing to do with the One who sent him there.



Swirling Emotions





This is my attempt to relate some of my struggles in the area of building, maintaining (and sometimes sabotaging) my own friendships.








We Are So Different




This article touches upon sex, sin triggers, and hugging our teenagers -- in my typically random way.








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