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A quick view of my artwork can be seen at my online portfolio, on my professional info page.

My music from my almost-CD "Digital Squid" can be found at

Media Arts Studio (Spring '96)

[Media Arts picture 1] [Media Arts picture 3] [Media Arts picture 4]
"NoodleHenge" "Dracmela" "Face"
Media Arts Studio was a class to introduce one to utilizing different types of media in artistic expression. Very technical-sounding, no? Anyway, the class was split into three segments: computer art, audio art, and video art. To make a long story short, both the audio and video segments of the class were plagued with equipments failures, maikng it hard to do anything good and/or useful. The computer art portion on the other hand... ahhhhh, much better! These pictures are my first dabbles with Adobe Photoshop.

Computer Art (Fall '97)

[Computer Art picture 1] [Computer Art picture 2]
"Lizard" "Dragonfly"(Boy, I'm creative, huh?)
[Computer Art picture 3] [Computer Art picture 4]
"Sunflower" "Cowasaurus"
Computer Art took the computer part of Media Arts Studio further, exposing us to other imaging software and more complicated techniques. These images I made using Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Fractal Design Painter.

Basic Drawing (Spring '98)

[Lamp] [Window] [Radio]
Lamp In Front Of Window Interesting Objects In Front Of Window Radio In Front Of Window
[TV] [Shirts] [Fruit]
TV Perspective #1 T-Shirt Perspective #1 Fruit
[Charcoal Portrait] [Watercolor Portrait #1] [Watercolor Portrait #2]
Charcoal Portrait Watercolor Portrait #1 Watercolor Portrait #2
[Erasing of me] [Final Project]
Self Portrait Final Project
Basic Drawing was... a drawing class! A HAHA! Bet you couldn't figure that one out. I put these on my web page using a digital camera, so they don't look quite as good as if you saw the real thing. I tried to get them as close to their original look as possible while still being able to see them well on a computer screen. Generally, the original dimensions of the drawings are roughly 11"x14", except for the final two, which are 18"x24".

Other Artwork

[Digital Squid Cover Art] [Skyline Publications Cover Art] [GameBox System Logo]
My artwork for my CD,
Digital Squid, in all its glory.
My artwork on the cover of Skyline Publications magazine. The Logo for my new gaming system in my living room.
[The Cow God] [Captain Retardo, B.C.] [Pen In Hand]
The Mighty Cow God! Captain Retardo is frightened! The would-be cover art for an unreleased book "Pen In Hand"
[SpongeBob In Florida!] [Patrick In Florida!] [Squidward! Ooh.. in Florida]
SpongeBob's new Floridian residence His neighbor, Patrick And their unfortunate friend, Squidward
[Original Map Concept] [Finished Map]
My task: turn this... Into this!

The Mosquito Zone Things I Made Masterpieces Of Artwork The Master Cow's Game Menu About Me

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