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I would like to thank my cousin, Ruth Gove, for all of her research on the Englander family.  

Sidney (Shaja) Englander or Englėnder, born around 1816. Married Chaja Roisa "Rosa" Englander , born in 1823 in Pomikal, Slovakia, (daughter of Yitzhak Englander and Schajja ? ) She died in 1908 in Cleveland, OH. Sidney died 20 Feb 1884.

I. Tillie Englander married Ignatz Kline , (son of Meyer Klein and Esther Wieder ) He was a Rabbi. The family moved to Chicago


II. Fannie Englander married Simon Juda Englander , born Abt 1871, (son of Emanuel (Engelhardt) Englander and Rachel Schantzer ) He was a Rabbi, died in 1942 in Philadelphia, PA.   Supposedly they were not related, but recent information of 12/90 from Rhoda Piltsch says they may have been 2nd cousins. He was a Rabbi at a small Orthodox Schul in Cleveland from about 1895-1905. They moved to South Philadelphia where he had another pulpit. He was written up in Time Magazine as having performed the most Jewish marriages in the USA.


III. Lazer (Ludvig) Englander , born 16 Oct 1844 in Vitaz, Hungary, married 22 January 1867 to Ruchel "Lottie" Lefkovics , born 12 April 1849, Pomikal, Hungary, (daughter of Herman Lefkovics and Helen (Hani) Baumoel ) She died 15 May 1925 in Cleveland and is buried at the Glenville Cemetery. Lazer died 29 September 1920 in Cleveland and is buried Lansing Cemeter.   They immigrated May 1886 with all of their children except for Tillie and Fannie who came in 1885.


IV. Leni Englander born CA 1849. Married CA 1868 to Rabbi Aaron Klein , born 3 May 1841 in Hungary, (son of Meyer Klein and Esther Wieder ) died 4 December 1924 in Cleveland. Leni died March 1938 in Cleveland and buried at the Glenville Cemetery.


V. Adolph Englander married 22 May 1877 to Fannie Wiesenberger .

VI. Samuel Englander 

VII. Isidore Englander, born 26 August 1865 in Eperies, Austria-Hungary, married (1) Etel Englander , born 26 August 1865 in Eperies (daughter of Lazer (Ludvig) Englander and Ruchel "Lottie" Lefkovics ) died 1906 in Cleveland, then married (2) Celia Englander , born 26 January 1876, (daughter of Lazer (Ludvig) Englander and Ruchel "Lottie" Lefkovics ) died 19 September 1959 in Cleveland, OH  Isidore died 28 February 1936. They are buried in Glenville Cemetery.



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