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The Goldschmidt Family

The History of the Goldschmidt Family in Oberlistingen

Welcome to the family pages of the descendants of Falcke Jacob who settled in Oberlistingen, Hesse-Kassel, Germany. His children took the names Goldschmidt and Jacobs.  

Falcke Jacob was born in 1697. He was a trader who received the right to settle in the town of Oberlistingen, Germany. (For the history of the family, click here)

Below are the descendants of his son, Jacob Falcke, born in 1729 (or 1736), Oberlistingen, Hesse - Kassel. 

He was married to:

I. Bela ___, born around 1726 and died. before 1775.

II. Judith Arons (Jutte, Juette or Juetchen), born in 1731.

III. Eva Ruben, (daughter of Seligmann Ruben of Wolfhagen.). She was born in 1755 in Warburg. Married the 8 Tamus, 5540 (1780).

Map of Hessen

19th c. map of Hesse- Kassel (223k)

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Selig Goldschmidt
The Descendants of Meyer Goldschmidt

The Descendants of Seligmann Goldschmidt

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First known as Jacob Falcke, he changed name to Goldschmidt in 1812. According to to article 15 of Decree of 31st of March, 1808, Jews had to assume family names. In 1812, Jacob and his family had taken the name Goldschmidt. Jacob and his brother Joseph were "Schutzjuden" (Court Jews) in 1764 or 1776. He probably died in 1815, but there is some uncertainty here.

Jacob's children were:

Elieser Falke (Elias Goldschmidt) (son of Jacob Falcke and Bela ?) was born in 1771, and married Roeschen Braunschild Von Nieheim.  We have no information on this branch.


Jude Jacob (Joede Jacob) (son of Jacob Falcke and Judith Arons) was born on the 31st of March, 1776 in Oberlistingen,. Jude emigrated to the Netherlands and his descendants took the name of Jacobs. He was married on 14 July, 1808, in Hengelo-G, Holland to Dina Levi (Dina Levij, Dina Heilbron), who was born in 1782, in Laaren, (daughter of Levi Simons and Reijndjen Philips) and died the 30th January, 1855 in Hengelo-G. Jude died the 30th of April, 1826 in Hengelo-G. Most of Jude's descendants stayed in the Netherlands and many perished in the Holocaust.


Lehmann Goldschmidt (son of Jacob Falcke and Eva Ruben) was born in 1782 in Oberlistingen. He married Ranchen Frank, born in Brilon, Ranchen was the daughter of Eva Goldschmidt of Warburg (relative?).


Seligmann Goldschmidt Seligmann Goldschmidt (son of Falcke and Eva Ruben) was born in 1786, in Oberlistingen. He married Hincka Schoenschen Alexander, born in Wolfhagen, Germany. Seligmann died 1876, Oberlistingen, Hesse-Cassel. He fought in the forces under General Bluecher against Napoleon at Waterloo, and was cited for bravery on a memorial plaque in one of the town buildings.  He was given a silver snuff box (now in the possession of Art Mansbach of Cleveland, Ohio). Seligmann was a dealer in spices. Many of his descendants emigrated to Philadelphia and changed their name to Goldsmith.


Meyer GoldschmidtMeyer Goldschmidt (son of Jacob Falcke and Eva Ruben) was born on 10 June, 1787 in Oberlistingen, Hesse Cassel. He married Lea Katzenstein in Grebenstein, Lea was born on the 20th of March, 1794 in Grebenstein or Ziegenhain. (daughter of Jeshajoh Hacohen Katzenstein and Eveline ?) She died on the 28th of April, 1839 in Grebenstein. Meyer died on the 5th of November, 1858, in Eschwege, Germany. Many of the descendants of Meyer lived in Frankfurt and married into many illustrious Jewish families of that city. (See Jewish Families of Frankfurt am Main)


Simon Falke (son of Jacob Falcke and Eva Ruben) was born in 1795 in Oberlistingen, Hesse-Cassel, He married Edeline Katzenstein, born in Grebenstein, (daughter of Jeshajoh Hacohen Katzenstein and Eveline ? and sister of Lea, above). Also known as Simon Goldschmidt. We have no information on this branch.


? Goldschmidt (daughter of Jacob Falcke and Eva Ruben) married David Grunewald. We have no information on this branch.

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I would like to thank my cousins:   Mr. Julian Reinheimer of Los Angeles, Mr. Joop Jacobs of the Netherlands, Mr. Garry Warner of West Palm Beach, Dr. Eric Offenbacher of Seattle, and Mr. Arnold Oppenheimer of London, for helping add 9 generations of lost family history to our family tree. Much of the information is derived from the published works of Sally Cramer lyyz, from his excellent family tree and his commemorative book of the life of Selig Goldschmidt lyyz of Frankfurt am Main. 



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