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This is the Sonnenschein family who lived in Giralt, Hungary (Giraltovce, Slovakia).  I believe they are all siblings.  Since Rose Sonnenschein married her uncle Emanuel Sonnenschein, we are unsure of the exact relationships. Most of these people changed their name to Sunshine in the U.S. My great-grandfather and a few others change their name to Spanye.

I. Rose Sonnenschein born in 1838, Hungary, married. Emanuel Sonnenschein (her uncle) Rose died in 1931 in Losconz, Hungary (Lucenec, Slovakia). Their children were:

Clara Sonnenschein, born 1863 in Giralt, Hungary. She married Louis Markus . Clara died in 1953 in Cleveland and buried in the Taylor Road Cemetery.             

Bert (Bertelan) Albert Spanye, born 24 September 1868 in Giralt. He was brought to the U.S. in 1887 by his uncle C.K. Sunshine. Bert was a successful Businessman and Real Estate Investor. He married Moynelle "Moyna" Katzenstein , from Washington, PA, (daughter of Scholum (S.J. "Joe") Katzenstein and Henrietta D. (Dot) Sigmund ). Bert was a partner in Spanye-Reich Co., Acme Foundry and later joined his uncle C.K. at The Bailey Company as vice president/   merchandiser for all men's clothing. Bert died 20 Nov 1941 in Miami, FL and is buried at the Spanye-Sunshine Mausoleum at the Mayfield Cemetery in Cleveland.  

Fanny (Frumet) Sonnenschein, born 24 May 1874 in Giralt.  She married Jozef Feledi.  This family lived in Lucenec and died in the Holocaust.

II. Charles (Kalman?). Sunshine born 29 September 1858 in Hungary. He arrived in the U.S. in July 1873 at the at of 15. He married Sara Marks in New Orleans, LA.  With Col Louis Black took over management of L. A. Bailey store founded in 1881. Incorporated 1889 w/ C.K. as president. Brought over several other nephews/nieces to work in the company.  C.K. died 30 April 1947 and is buried at the Spanye-Sunshine Mausoleum. C.K. and Sara had no children.


III. Marcus Sonnenschein married Sarah Rosenbluth from Sztara. Many of their children were brought over to the U.S. by C.K. 

David Sunshine, born 7 July 1868. Married Steffy Nemes . David died 28 Sep 1927 in Cleveland.

Hermine Sonnenschein Married ? Horvath. We believe remained in Hungary.

Stefi Sunshine, married  Eugene Propper.  Stefi died 4 February 1945 in Los Angeles.

Ettel Sunshine, married ? Szusz . Stayed in Hungary.

Bert Sunshine, born 1877. Married Ella (Gizella) B. Walder. Bert died 26 September 1932 in Cleveland.

Philip Sunshine, also known as: Fulop Spanye, born. 31 December 1873, Hungary, m. Elsa (Elsie) Weiss. Died in Cleveland in 1916.

Zoltan (Stanley) Sunshine, born 24 November 1885 in Hungary. He died October 1964 in Arizona.

Martin (Emanuel) Sunshine, born 2 February 1891 in Hungary. Died February 1973 in Miami, Dade County, FL. 


IV. Maurice Sonnenschein m. Helen Bloomfield 

Benjamin Francis Sunshine, born 9 January 1884 in Tarnocz, Hungary.Married Mary Campbell in Cleveland. Benjamin died 18 1965 November in San Diego. Ben was a pharmacist.


V. Ignatz (Isaac) Sonnenschein died 4 September 1922 in Cleveland. His children were:

Solomon A. Sunshine, born. 9 October 1884 in Hungary. Died May 1980 in Cleveland.

William Bennet Sunshine, born 7 March 1888 ? in Hungary. Married Ann Kaufman. William died March 1988 

Emil H. Sunshine 

Charlotte Sunshine, born 4 August 1891 in Hungary.  Died 26 May 1968, Cleveland, She is buried in the Glenville Cemetery. Never married.


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