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Torres High School Batch '78 News Page
"Our aim is to link us together as we prepare for our 25th Grand Anniversary Reunion in the year 2003.

April 2002 Edition

California Adventure.....

   It's been almost 10 years since we last saw the Paradoses and Bautistas and 24 years since I last saw Diana.  The 2-day get together brought out all our little life adventures. It was an unending tsikahan and tsibugan.  We will always cherish the  hospitality and warmth shown to us by Lex, Tess, Riz, Dana, Diana, Tony and all of the 11 kids.  We are looking forward to seeing them again next year at the reunion in the Philippines.

An Affair To Remember, Daw!!!!!

   Here is an email from Perlie vividly describing the fun and laughters during the advanced birthday celebration of Ross and Elmer on March 23rd in her house in Makati City. 
   Be sure to click on the link to the page with more pictures.

March 2 Core Meeting.....

   Once again our Manila Core Group met last March 2 to fine-tune the committees and plans for the Silver Jubilee Reunion.  They have set tentative dates and venues and formed committees.  Here's the minutes of the meeting from Perlie.

MS Word Version

Text File

Newly-Found Buddies.....

   More of are buddies are starting to show up.  Our search team are in the full gear to find those missing friends.  Click on the link for more stories/pictures or initial details on our buddies for the month.

Precila Concepcion-Cruz
Melanio Gatchalian
Rafael "Raffy" Galvez
Evelyn Bautista-Ynte
Aimee Librojo
Arnela"Aegie" Villalon
Buddy to Buddy.....

  This section will demonstrate to us the buddy system in our batch.  It is people helping people.  Do you need to find a buddy?  Send your "Buddy to Buddy" request to your geographic contacts.

   We're so happy to get a lot of request from friends trying to find their buddies.  Let us all work hard to help us link everyone.  This will pave the way to a successful reunion in 2003.

>>> Please help us find the following buddies:

Angel V Salas, Ludwig Bertubin, Nelson Laxa, Patricia Samonte, Anna Marie Buzon, Cecille Bautista, Rosalinda Corpuz, Aristotle Rillon, Danilo Molo, Celia Tanafranca, Silvino Cruz, Nanette Potato and Edwin Enriquez
(Requested by Ronnel Samson)

Marietta Lavapiez, Rizalina Herrera, Rosalinda Siasat, Rossana Ramos, Eurygina Mandanas
(Requested by Precila Concepcion-Cruz)

Ahmee Fabula
(Requested by Rey Bisda)

Retro Photo.....

   Can you make out who these Singing Graduates are? Click on the link for a bigger view and captions.

New Email Addresses:

   Please change or add the following email addresses in your list.  Also notify us if your email address changed.  If you know the email address of other batchmates who has not contacted us yet, please let us know and we will contact them.

Raul "Dong" de Guzman
(relocating from Guam to San Francisco)
Ross Misa
Precila Conception-Cruz
chechec@yahoo.com or
(in case her yahoo acct. reaches its quota)
Renato Barredo
Evelyn Bautista-Ynte
Raffy Galvez
Diana Lansangan-Gonzalez - April 1
Edgar Atienza - April 4
Edgardo Morales - April 12
Vic Edrosolan - April 12
Celso Galvez  - April 16

Please notify us if your birthday/anniversary is not on the list.  If you know other celebrants please notify us, too.

Our Condolences.....

   We would like to express our deepest sympathy to our batchmates who lost their Dads recently.  Tess Santiago-Parado lost her Ninong Santos Rubinas who has been more than a Dad to her.  Solly Diaz-Diaz' father, Tirso Diaz passed away last month. Reynaldo Reyes' dad Jose Reyes died in early March.  Please accept our late condolences, Rey.  I got the information from late from my hotmail account that I have not been accessing anymore.  Please include them in your prayers.

I Am Truly Blessed Through YOU…

....here is a tribute to Ninong Santos Rubinas from Tess Santiago-Parado

Send us an email us for comments and suggestions.

Fr. Erick Santos  @ henrique@info.com.ph
Felix Parado  @ lex_parado@yahoo.com
Rey Bisda  @ rbisda@osfinc.com

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AfterMath78 Archive

Brought to you by Buzzy-V

California Adventure....

Click Here For More Pictures

Friday Night (March 15):  The highlight of our vacation trip started.   Felix fetch us from Malibu with his 9-seater Suburban....ang gara ng sasakyan ni Pareng Felix.  At last nagkita na naman kami ni Lex after10 years.  Balbas sarado si Lex ngayon...bumabawi sa bigote at balbas sa nawala sa ibababaw ...he,he,he. We had dinner prepared by Chona's brother and mom before we left Malibu.  So kwentuhan, kumustahan habang kumakain then also on our way to San Dimas. 

We got there, at si Riz naman na "mamang-mama ang dating", ang sumalubong sa amin.  The girls were busy preparing the table.  At last... nakita rin namin sina Tess at Dana at ang mga tsikiting na laging nasa website!....nakita ko rin in person ang mga famous landmarks sa bahay nila na laging nasa mga pictures pag may bisita sa Los Angeles area.  And we have a lot of time to catch up not like the 2-hour reunion that we had 10 years ago.

Busog pa kami pero we can't resist the laing, sinigang, adobo, tapa at ang dami-dami pang iba kaya tsibug uli kami.  Parang mga kamag-anak kami na matagal nang hindi nagkita.  The night was filled with laughter at walang tapos na kwentuhan. At first, naninimbang ang mga anak ko.  Si Charmaine, tuwang-tuwa sa kambal ni Lex at nag-blend in kaaagad.  It's hard to distinguish the twins other than Fe's missing front tooth.  Si Caitlyn medyo mahiyain pa... pero kumanta rin kasama ni Charmaine ng tagalog composition ni Kuya Nato, "Basta't Kapiling Ka". 

I never laugh as much as I did that night.  Kwentuhan ng mga buhay-buhay dito sa Amerika.  Biruan at tuksuhan and mga damatan...habang busy naman sa paglalaro ang mga bata.  Almost 12:00 na bago nagpaalam sina Riz. We were left at the Parados to spend the night there.  Habang natutulog na sa executive suite ng "Parado Inn" ang pamilya ko, kwentuhan naman kami ni Lex hanggang 2:00 a.m.. 

Saturday (March 16):  Late na ako nagising pero yung mag-asawang Lex & Tess ay maaga nagising.  Gising na daw si Tess ng 6 am .  Nagprepare ng tapsilog si Lex na gustong-gusto ni Charmaine.  Chona joined us at 9:00. Kwentuhan uli habang nagbre-breakfast. Isa-isa namang naghihintay ang mga tsikiting ni Tess ng turn nila sa shower. 

Got a call from Diana and she told us she will be in to give us a ride to Riz and Dana's place at around 11:30.  Medyo kwentuhan sa phone...naka-pajama pa raw si Diana kaya we have to cut the call short so they can get ready.  Kwentuhan uli kami nila Lex & Tess. 

Nagpi-pictorial kami ng dumaling ang mga Gonzaleses.  We get to meet Tony (Bodge).  Akala ko suplada si Diana noong high school at hindi ko alam na makwento rin pala sya.  She's cool.  Ganoon din si Tony.  They were both very candid and down-to-earth. We get along well right away at palagay agad ang loob namin sa kanila.  We get a chance to hear about the mini-reunion with Diana in the Philippines and Tony's homecoming in San Beda on our ride to Buena Park.  Cute ng mga anak nila Diana. 

We arrived at the Riz and Dana's place.  Again, I get to see the famous landmarks in the Bautista residence (like the stone-wall). Pagdating kina Riz, we got a chance to see Diana and Tony's pictures ng Philippine visit nila. Tony conveyed how the reunions changed them and how he admire the closeness in our batch.  Kainan uli ng mga masasarap na pagkain at katakot-takot na kwentuhan at tawanan.  Ang sarap ng special salad ni Dana (Chona is still asking and waiting for the recipe, Dana) at may special rice with curry and other stuff si Diana. Ang sarap-sarap.

Kumanta si Diana at Charmaine ng "Argentina". Mana rin ang anak nyang si Ysabel na kumanta ng "I will Survive".  Si Charmaine (Wind Beneath My Wings) at Francis (Surfing USA) din nakiki-karaoke and they are trying to outscore one another.  Caitlyn and Kris were busy with the pool table in the garage and with "Lucky", their pom dog outside the backyard.  Click yung dalawa at magkasama maghapon at nagpalitan pa nga bracelets as sign of their friendship. 

Kami namang mga parents, busy sa dining table sa kwentuhan....we talked about a lot of stuff.  Mahilig pala sa skiing yung mag-asawang Tony-Diana.  We also talked about "raffles" and "undergrounds" .....(INSIDE JOKE)......  Lumaki na naman lalo ang tyan ko sa dami ng pagkain at sa katatawa din.  Enjoy talaga kasama ang California group....Si Dana....she's a riot (thank God Felix warned Chona about her....being loud!)  Chona loved that kasi ganoon din sya.  Game na game sa mga biruan sina Dana at Tess.  Riz and Tony shared the same interest in golf.  Lex and I would take our video cameras once in a while and take some shots.  So after the kantahan, syetehan, iyakan (ng mga bata....may nahulog, may naumpog, may nag-aaway)....Lex and Tess did not forget the most important thing...to go to the church. 

The Bautistas opted to stay with the kids and they will go to mass the next day.  Sabi nga ni Riz para makasimba raw kami ng holding hands.  So tatlong pairs and the Parado twins na sama-samang kaming nag-simba.  Maganda at masaya ang Mass sa church nila. 

Pagbalik namin...kainan uli, kantahan uli at tsattsatan uli.  Dana's mom joined us, too.  Si Diana, ang daming pasalubong sa amin from the Philippines.  May flute, hawaiian shirts at iba-iba pa.  May binigay din syang t-shirt from Ching Cabildo....nakakatuwa si Ching at naalala pa ako.

Charmaine and Caitlyn were requested to sing "Basta't Kapiling Ka" again.  And I sang my composition for Chona, "Para Sa Yo"....complete with a kiss after the song (buyo si Tony eh!)  Ysabel and Greg did a cute rendition of  a Pilipino poem "Paru-parong Dilaw".  Then Ysabel, Denise, Kris and Francis did their great classical piano pieces.  It was a great show of various talents.

Then final call for the all-day buffet!  We must have gained 10 lbs!  Final chance for more stories, too.  So we gathered around the table again for more sessions. 

About the grand reunion next year, we compared notes and we all agreed that vacation time here in America (preferably early July)  would be the best time to go back so we can take the kids with us and we want to be able to maximize our stay without disrupting their schooling.  We want to get the most of the high airfare and we want to be able to visit relatives back home, too.  Diana was suggesting to have some activities for the kids as well.

The sad part came at 9:30 when we have to leave for the airport.  Diana, Tony, Ysabel and Greg said goodbye....Tony will be working early the next day.  Riz and Lex help us load our luggages in Riz' van.  And Lex wanted to take us to the airport, too.  But there is no point because we will just be dropped-off.  Ang hirap talagang maghiwa-hiwalay after such a fun day.  We will treasure our 1/2 days with our Californian friends forever.  Sina Diana-Tony kahit na isang araw lang naming nakasama parang matagal na naming kakilala and we get to know each other well.

To all our friends in Ca, thanks uli sa hospitality and gifts na binigay ninyo sa aking pamilya.  It's great to have friends like you guys!!!  You guys are the best!!!



An Affair To Remember, Daw!

Jun, Evelyn, Ruby, Beng, Joy, Dolly, Aegie, Perlie, Elmer and Olive

Click Here For More Pictures

Without much preparations just like the other affairs, a small gathering of
E1 people finally made it, at last!   We decided to hold the advance
birthday celebration of Ross and Elmer on March 23n in our house in Makati
City.  Evelyn Alcaraz-Muallil and Jesie Guevara-Moran initiated the affair.
Unfortunately, Jesie did not make it due to an out-of-town commitment that day. 

While waiting for them to arrive, I started cooking the spaghetti,
"ala-Perlie" style.   Evelyn, Ruby and Jun first came in a convoy from their
respective offices at around 5:00 p.m.   As promised, Evelyn came with the
three plastic containers of her home-made white and brown chocolates,
puto-pao and refrigerated cake.  Jun, with a bottle of red wine.  Since, we
are near the talipapa, they've decided to go to the market to buy fresh
tilapia and tahong, while I was preparing for the griller naman. 

A little past 5:30 p.m., there came Auggie Villalon with one (1) bilao of
pansit-Malabon.  While Jun was busy preparing for the inihaws, (sorry, dahil
siya yung naunang lalake, eh.),  the ladies were like food tasters that day
dahil tinikman ng lahat ang nasa table.  Ang sarap talaga ng Pansit-Malabon,
chocolates, the refrigerated cake and of course, my spaghetti. 

Beng Pangan, Joy Banzon and  Dolly Ramos came at around 6:00 p.m. and said
that the men went to buy liempo and chicken.  Naku, ibang-iba na talaga yung
mga classmates kong lalaki...ang lalake na nila!  And take note, gentlemen
na sila.    Elmer also brought a bottle of Fundador and bought another one
later kasi, bitin yung isa.  Olive with son, Daleon came after 8:00 p.m.
(Daleon got awards from his school, Bethel.). 

Ross and wife came last with fruits (apples, rape... ay ripe mangoes pala,
water melon and bananas) .  Tamang-tama, kasi tapos na lahat kumain.  In
fairness, Ross and wife came from a shooting daw in Quezon City, kaya sila
na-late.  K, fine!  Better late than never, diba?  Hindi, nakalimutan daw.
He lied to me!!!!

As me and Olive had an arrangement with Edna Adriano-Gilera for the
preparation of her speech  at Melchora Aquino Elem. School,  I called up and
invited her to visit the affair which,  she and her husband,  gladly
accepted.  They came at around 8:30 p.m. from Boardwalk (Luneta).  As usual
and as expected, riot sa ingay talaga.  Bigla akong natakot, kasi baka
sigawan kami ng mga kapitbahay!  First time na parang may riot sa bahay!
Sanay kasi ang neighbors ko na ingay lang ng kambal na inaanak ko ang
naririnig nila during weekdays, eh.  Meron pa pala kapag week-ends.
Anyways, we truly had lots of fun and laughter!   Hayaan mong magalit ang
mga kapitbahay.  In fairness again, mababait naman ang mga kapitbahay ko. 

Marami pang nagyari in betweens, kaya lang, di ko na masyadong ma-recall as
I was so busy attending to them.  Dibale, attached are the pictures taken
during the affairs.  Attendees were:  Jun De Guzman, Ruby Atanacio, Evelyn
Alcaraz-Muallil, Elmer and Beng Pangan, Dolly dela Cruz-Ramos, Rolly,
Rannie, Arnel Macalinao, Dodie Morales, Auggie Villalon, Joy Banzon, Olive
Griarte-Seña. Edna Adriano-Gilera and husband and yours truly.  We were
advised that Thess Samson was attending the Recognition Day of her eldest
son that day kaya di naka-attend.

Best regards,





Batch '78 Core Group

Agenda : To formulate the Batch's Themes and Define the Committees Formed

Present  : Leah Espino-Ponio, Evelyn Alcaraz-Muallil, Edna Adriano-Gilera, Perlie 
   Gonzales, Olive Griarte-Seña, Nelson Ceña, Beng Ceña, Helen Roque-
   Pandy, Dolly Dela Cruz-Ramos, Malou Cruz-Santos

The meeting presided by Leah started at 3:30 p.m. on March 2, 2002.   The following were discussed and agreed upon:

1. Criteria to be used for the batch's themes raised by the members present during the said meeting 

a) social relevance
b) brief and catchy
c) taglish
d) action words
e) recall
f) we will own and identify with

2. Group Themes Formulated

"Kapit-Kapit Noon, Samahang Walang Iwanan" - THS Batch '78 Theme
"Balikatan ng THS Batch '78" - Project Theme
"Sa Muling Pagkikita, Ibabalik and Saya" - Project Theme on Family Day

3. Committees defined as follows:

Excom - Fr. Erick Y. Santos & Leah Espino-Ponio
- THS coordinators
- Permits & Licenses
- Invitation of Guest Performers

Secretariat - Perlie Gonzales, Malou Cruz-Santos, Dolly Dela Cruz-Ramos, Ellen Directo-Fabie
- Ushering
- Locations
- Registrations
- Directory

Publicity - Ross Misa, Val Buzon, Bobby Reyes
- Souvenirs
- Advertisements
- Media / Video Coverage / Photography
- Promotions
- Announcements
- Newsletters
- Invitations
- Banners & Streamers

Ways & Means - Edna Gilera, Leonor R. Piquing, M. Conejos, Helen Roque-Pandy, Felix Parado, Tess Parado
- Fund Raising
- Tickets
- Concessions

Food - Evelyn Alcaraz-Muallil, Edna Adriano-Gilera, Beng Cruz-Pangan
- Catering

Program - Excom (Fr. Erick Y. Santos & Leah Espino-Ponio)
- Guests
- Awards
- Activities
- Entertainment
* Main Event::   Christopher Jornales, Victor Edrosolan, Rey Medenilla  -  Side A Band Concert

Finance - Helen Roque-Pandy, Merlie Sugay-Leocadio, Arnela Villalon
- Disbursements
- Control
- Collection

Logistics - Nelson Ceña, Beng Ceña, Gigi, Cora, Mercedez Conejos, Malou Cruz-Santos, Rey Bisda
- Foster Homes
- Bookings (hotel accommodations, airlines, etc.)

Physical Arrangement - Ferdinand Lomibao, Dolly dela Cruz-Ramos, Dodie Morales, Olive Griarte-Seña
- Stage / Props
- Maintenance
- Cleanliness
- Venue Requirements (chairs, tables, etc.)

Security & Maintenance - Moises Sta. Ana, Elmer Pangan, Arnel Macalinao
- Peace & Order
- Parking
- Traffic

First Aid - Ching Cabildo-Albornos, Olive Griarte-Seña, Manolo Tuazon, Janet Alfonso, Carmel Ceno
- Emergency
- Medicines

4. Suggested Events & Dates (for confirmation)

a) Family Day &  A Fair 
Venue:  Manila
Suggested Date:  December 28, 2003

b) Homecoming 
Venue :  Manila (THS Oval)
Suggested Date:  December 30, 2003

c) Out-Of-Town
Suggested Date:  January 4, 2004

d) Testimonial (Conditional)

5. Next meeting's agenda:  Budget Planning
Venue:  Majayjay, Laguna
Date:  1st to 2nd week of May 2002

6. Meeting adjourned at 5:25 p.m.

7. Below is the organizational chart of the batch for the upcoming affairs as suggested by Leah 

-  Thanks Perlie !!! -


Retro Photo

The Singing Graduates
(from left to right - first row only)
1. Myrna Canlas
2. Fenchie Eugenio-Cajiuat
3. Eden Arevalo
4. Minerva Encarnacion
5. Reggie Santiago
6. Edna Palag-Conley
7. Tet Castro-Solitaria
8. Yolanda Wines
9. Olivia Olaguera
10. Liberty Rueda-Odiamar
11. Tess Santiago-Parado
12. Marcie Mateo-Gregorio
13. Beng Sison-Ceña

- Thanks for the picture, Perlie!!! -



Newly Found Buddies

Precila Concepcion-Cruz

-----Original Message-----
From: CheChe Cruz [mailto:chechec@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2002 9:25 PM
To: vbuzon@kpmg.ca; henrique@info.com.ph
Cc: Evelyn B YNTE; hakunamatata0114@wowmail.com

Greetings to both of you, Fr. Erick and Val (a.k.a. Happy Man)!

When I found out about KaEskwela from Fernan Celis and Evelyn Bautista-Ynte, I browsed through it immediately and found my name in the Wanted List.

I'm not really sure if you guys remember me. I'm not one of the popular ones kasi sa high school. Anyway, ako nga pala si PRECILA CONCEPCION-CRUZ (CheChe), married to Edgardo C. Cruz, a Civil/Structural Engineer. He works as General Manager/Associate of ESCA, Inc. (an Engineering and Consultancy firm). We are blessed with 4 WONDERFUL children. My eldest, Yvette Kyla, 18, is a Computer Science freshman at De La Salle University. Yvette Kryska, 16, will be a senior in June and Yvette Kryzel, 10, will be in 5th grade, both in Miriam College. Our youngest and only boy, Yves Krixander is 6 yrs. old and has just finished Kindergarten. Ako naman....would you believe? The once happy go lucky girl na sobrang magulo at maharot will turn out to be domesticated? Pang bahay pala ako! I quit my job when my eldest was 4 years old. Di ko kasi nakayanan yung everyday I leave the house, puro luha't sipon kami ng anak ko, as if di na kami magkikita uli. Since I'm a simple person who wants to live a simple life, I decided to stay home na lang. I take my children to school everyday. Yes, family driver ako for 14 years now. 

Back to our reunion.....I would like to thank both of you and the rest of the group for organizing this reunion. I'm sure it's gonna be a real success. Nga pala, please include naman the following in the wanted list: Marietta Lavapiez, Criselda Imperio (the last time I saw her, she works at PLDT), Aimee Librojo, Rizalina Herrera, Rosalinda Siasat, Rossana Ramos, Eurygina Mandanas. I'm trying to reach Arleminda Manio of Science 1. She's a friend from grade school. I'm sure Edna knows her.

I have attached some pictures of my 4 angels. Sayang, I can't find my picture with Celia Tañafranca-Carrillo taken when I went to visit her in Walnut, California. I told her about the reunion and just like everybody else, excited na rin siya. In fact, she cancelled our plan of going to Hongkong this year with Evelyn. Ire-reserve na lang daw nya yung kanyang leave for next year. You can reach her at this number (909) 4441870.

I guess, this is all for now. I'll try to help in tracking down some of our batchmates. See you, guys.

SS Virgo


Melanio Gatchalian

Update - I visited  Mel Gatchalian  in his residence at Tecson. He works as Special Agent at NBI, NCR Group. He's married and has a son (I think 5 yrs old). His cell # is 0916-317-8784.

Rafael "Raffy" Galvez

Surprise - RAFFY GALVEZ , M3 batch 78, just dropped by and paid me a courtesy business call as a prospective Jollibee supplier. He works as Parts & Material Manager for Saturn Autospec, Inc., a 5-star automotive Center. His phone # 640-1111 loc. 601 & 602. Office e-mail address saimktg@nwave.net.

- From NELSON CEÑA - Thanks, Nell!!!

Evelyn Bautista-Ynte

Please include the  e-mail address of Evelyn Bautista Ynte (Virgo '78) who is presently working as the administrative secretary at Immaculate Conception Academy of of Manila (ICAM).  We were together in baguio during their faculty retreat which I facilitated.Her e-mail address is ynte4everyoung@yahoo.com

Aimee Librojo

I have noticed that the name of Aimee Librojo is included in the WANTED LIST.  Unknown to you, I have found Aimee several years ago while she was doing volunteer works at the Archdiocesan Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Mandaluyong City.  She was then the animator of the altar servers or acolytes.

Lately, I was sent her contact number by our common friend.  While she lives in far-away Cavite, she has been doing Legion of Mary Corporal Works of Mercy (visiting the sick, the prisoners, etc.).  She is a single parent and has a child whom she rears by her lonesome self.

I will try to get some more informations about her; maybe a picture also so that we can feature her next issue.

- From FR. ERICK SANTOS - Thanks, Father!!!


 Graduated from Pamantasan Ng Lungsod ng Maynila in 1982 with a degree of  BS-Marketing.  Aegie,  still single, is  currently working as Admin. Officer  at  Export & Industry Bank-Malabon Branch.   She can be contacted  at 63-919-4174210.


Tracking Updates From Ronnel Samson

About three (3) years ago, I happened to see Joy Manalili in a department store and she mentioned to me that she was working in the US Embassy here in Manila. 

In one of my business trips to Cebu, maybe about four years ago, I saw Norberto Santiago at the Manila Domestic Airport working as an airport policeman.  Maybe he is still working there. Don't you worry, I'll try to trace him again.

Ireneo "Butch" Bisquerra (aka Lolo) is now in USA, but I don't know exactly where he he lives there.  According to his brother, he and his family migrated in the US in 1998.  But before he left, I saw him at the Heart Center of the Philippines working as a Resident Doctor in that hospital. I'll try to get his e-mail address from his brother here in Maypajo, Caloocan.

About Ludwig Bertubin, I personally visited their house in Bulacan Street, Gagalangin, Tondo just last Tuesday but unfortunately, they are no longer living there and the house is no longer theirs. I was able to talk to the new house owner. So, sad...

- Thanks, Ronnel and we hope we will be able to track them down -


I Am Truly Blessed Through YOU…

....a tribute to Ninong Santos by Tess Santiago-Parado

I was about six years old when I first set foot in your home.
You and my Ninang were both very loving and caring.
I was treated so well as if I was a child of your own.
You provided me things that I needed and wanted. 
People in our neighborhood were telling me I am lucky.
Others were even envious of me.
We attended mass on Sundays, dined out, and watched 
movies together.
We were a picture of a happy family.
My friends enjoyed coming over to our home. 
You welcomed them with warmth and kindness.
Everybody and everything seemed great, but one day our
life had changed.
Ninang left us only a few days after I graduated in high school.
It was pretty hard for both of us, but we pulled
through it all because we had each other.
I went to college with your help and support.
You were always there to share my accomplishments in
life – no matter how big or small.
Your affection never ceases even at the time I was old
enough to take care of myself.
I remember you would not retire to bed until you were
sure that I got home from work safely.
During times of storms and heavy rains, you waited
patiently on the street to fetch me. 
When I decided to start a new life in a faraway place,
you unselfishly supported me all the way.
We maybe miles away, but distance was never a hindrance 
for us to continue loving one another.
You had shown it by simply loving and taking good care
of my nephews and nieces.
Everyone in my family, young and old calls you “ninong” 
because that’s what you were to all of us. 
Time passed by, we exchanged letters, cards, pictures,
and talked on the phone. 
Our hearts’ desire is for us to see and be with each other again.
I am thankful that I heard your voice and you heard
mine before your final hour.
It gives me inner peace having this thought on my mind.
Ninong, I am very grateful for what you have done for
me…for bringing the best out of me…
You are now in God's hands...in a best place, indeed,
than anyone of us
I am sure we shall meet again...in another place...
another time.
If I am going to live my life all over again, I won’t change a thing. 
Know why? 
Because I want you to be a part me 
and me a part of yours. 
Wherever I go or whatever I do, you will always be remembered...
simply because you are here in my heart.
I do not consider myself lucky, but rather blessed…
my life is truly blessed through you…



Buddy to Buddy
  This section will demonstrate to us the buddy system in our batch.  It is people helping people.  Do you need to find a buddy?  Send your "Buddy to Buddy" request to your geographic contacts.

Please help us find the following buddies:

(Requested by Ronnel Samson)

Angel V Salas, Ludwig Bertubin, Nelson Laxa, Patricia Samonte, Anna Marie Buzon, Cecille Bautista, Rosalinda Corpuz, Aristotle Rillon, Danilo Molo, Celia Tanafranca, Silvino Cruz, Nanette Potato and Edwin Enriquez

(Requested by Precila Concepcion-Cruz)

Marietta Lavapiez, Rizalina Herrera, Rosalinda Siasat, 
Rossana Ramos, Eurygina Mandanas

(Requested by Rey Bisda)

Ahmee Fabula

(Still) Wanted:

Maybelle Limasing, Rogelio Isleta, Bien Cruz, Ester Trilliana, Emma Nicholas, Yolanda Wines, Elena Villalon, Caroline Palero-Torres, Bong Lauza, Nenette Kit Cruz, Antonio Ocampo,  Rainier Virgino, Susan Prado, Mario Mendoza, Benilda Inocencio,  Rodel Lachica, Rioben Guzman, Nora Villanueva, Edgie Endrina, Joseph Carlos, Dario Francisco, Norberto Santiago, Minerva Encarnacion, Anthony Senador

If you have information on them please let one of us know