Being in love have so many types of feelings like for example happy, sad, homesick, love sick, heartache, jealous, pouting, laughing, crying,missing each other, blue mood and some more more types of feelings but never get bored. I have been through all this types of feelings and among the feelings I hate most is love sick... When you misses your partner so much but he or she did not show up, now that was a torturing feelings. And this are the time we think nonsense. I think, my weak point in love is love sick. There comes to a stage that I wish I am not inlove with anybody.
In my this life, I think I am in love twice. The first one was awful and pitiful and thank God is a short one. That scares me for 21 years. I was kinda feels so freedom though when I am single back after the first relationship. Didn't plan to have any relationship though all this while but when I met Rick, I didn't even know I am inlove. It just comes naturally for us. Maybe God want me to have a second chance so here we are now....This month is the month I know Rick in 2003, can't remember the date but only the month. Rick caught me telling him I love him by the slip of the tongue on the 6th of March 2004 and he told me he loves me on the 12th March the same month and year...Just now while I was writing on this page, Rick came online. We both have some small misunderstanding last night so we both pouts today but we are alright now, we both gave in. thing good about Rick and me, we won't get angry for long to each other. We loves each other very much...
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