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You must be wondering why we show you all those ducks pictures. Well, let me explain to you and you will understand. When Rick and me started to share our time together, he showed me those ducks that lives near the stream nearby his house. He use to go there and feed them some breads. He told me that the ducks there are a beautiful creatures but one thing that's annoying him is when they come to his front yard for food, they tends to shits all over his driveway...These ducks grow together with our love. This picture was taken in year 2004.
Look at this duck, she is Rick's favourite duck cos he found out that she has a special color feather, a light brownish color. Each time when Rick is there to feed them, she will come to him.. And this duck is part of our love. She is single when Rick found her...
After a year past, one day Rick's favourite duck came to visit him and this time she bring along her male duck. Rick was so happy and took this picture to show me that his favourite duck have found a love of her life.This picture was taken in year 2005.
Guess what!! to our surprise this year 2006, our favorite duck came to visit Rick's backyard and this time she brings along her family, 8 ducklings. She was making hell of the noise to gets Rick's attention. I think by now you should understand why we shows you all the ducks. They are part of us..
Well for this purple flower tree, it also have a history in it regarding our love. When Rick and I newly know each other, he told me he bought a beautiful flower tree and told me to wait till spring comes then they will blooms. Rick plant it at his front yard and we both been waiting for the day the flower to blooms after the 3rd spring but only lasted a few days. Rick manage to take a picture of this beautiful flower tree just a day before they were blown away by the winds. He was very angry though cos we have waited for the flowers to bloom for 3 years and it did but only lasted a few days...
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