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  Our Love
First of all, let me tell you how our love started.  It all happened in 3 years back when two lost souls met in internet chat.  Influenced by a song named Remember When, sang by Alan Jackson.  This is my  very first download song, I like this song so much and so happened it  was Rick's ID name and this song drew me closer to him.  And the very next moment, I realised that I am fond of this man even though I didn't know what he looked like but I do like him.  He is very helpful to me and he taught me where to go get songs and we started to share our songs.  We got to know each other  somewhere around October 2003. In order to thank him for helping me, I  made sure to play this song whenever he comes in the chat room and he will always type out the lyrics and sing along and this is how our love started to grow.....
Before I met Rick, I was thinking I am going to grow old alone but not now though.  He brought me a new life to begin.  I had a bad relationship before that makes me so paranoid about getting another relationship started with anyone, after the last one, I was alone for 21 years.  Rick showed me what True Love is.  He is a divorcee and he has a son, a daughter inlaw and a grandson and one more coming though in December.  I am a single parent, I have a son and a daughter.  We both have a wonderful family.  Rick and I finally decided that we would leave chat because we wanted to spend our time privately and before I get any older and become forgetful, I wanted to write down the day we left all our chat friends, it falls on 9th March 2004.  I love music very much and if you are still with us, I would love to share some of our love songs with you all.  Every of the song I play here has a love history of us....
Rick gave me this song, he likes it very much, I remember the day he gave me this song, we had some misunderstanding but one thing we are good at is, we never stay angry at each other for long, the most is about 12 hours then we will surender.  We love each other very much and sometime especially our love grows deeper each day, month and years, we felt so desperately wanting to feel the touch for real but we can't at this moment.  You should know how hard it is when you are in love...but we can deal with it, we have to because we love each other very much.  Although during the years that passed so fast, the love that Rick and I built became stronger each day.  Can you imagine a couple when they are angry, they don't talk to each other but they are always beside the computer, which is a good idea to be quiet and calm down because when a person is angry, it 's best we don't throw words to each other.  Rick and I can stare at the monitor and don't talk but we know our hearts are together, that's the most important to us.
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