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True love comes only once in our life time and I've known that Rick is my true love that I have waited all my life. Look at all the pages that I've make in this website, can you see how far Rick and I have gone through... Well, we still keep on builds our love, a love that is going to last forever for us. I can tell you, is not that easy to build such love when we both are so far apart but we have to cause we both loves each other so much. We must have a positives thinking all the while in order to carry on our this love. When Rick and I closed our eyes, we can feels that we are together. This is the hardest part cause once our love grows deeper each day,months and years, we tends to misses each other even more... We have comes to the stage that we cannot live without each other like the Romeo and Juliet love story. Darling, I love you with all my heart and soul...
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