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The Life History Project is my quest to help my family and friends record their personal life history for their posterity.

The Project began in January 2004. Each week I will send out a question for you to answer. At the end of the year I will send back to you a compilation of all your answers. This will be the beginning of your personal life history.

This website was created to help me organize their responses, and for others to enjoy getting to know some new friends, and relatives. Thanks so much for participating.

For those who wish to participate contact: Renee Zamora

Question of the Week

1. Tell about your favorite uncle

2. What changes have you seen in technology? (Indoor plumbing, water, telephones, computers, cars, etc.)

3. Tell something you remember about one of your grandparents. (Were they funny, crazy, loving, mean or special in a certain way?)

4. Did you ever have an accident, illness or operation? Pick one and tell about it.

5. Tell what your hobbies or interests are. (Do you sing, sew, write, hunt, build things, let us know more about you.)

6. Tell about the changes in television. (Anything you want earlier shows vs. today's shows, invention of VCR's & DVD's, the sky's the limit.)

7. Lets be romantic! - Tell us about your valentine, first love, first crush, or how you were proposed to, or how you proposed to your sweetheart.

8. What types of jobs have you had and which did you prefer?

9. Who was your best friend while growing up, or who is your best friend now? Let us know a little about the friends you have had in your life.

10. Tell us about your favorite aunt.

11. Share a story about one of your siblings.

12. Did you have a favorite pet while growing up? Tell us about your pet(s). If you didn't have one what did you wish for?

13. Did you have a favorite family vacation? Tell us something about it.

14. Do you follow any religious beliefs? Tell us about your church.

15. Do you collect anything? Tell us about your collection or favorite item.

16. Is there someplace you lived that you especially liked or disliked and why?

17. Tell us about your mother, do you have a special memory or her?

18. Do you have strong political feelings? If so, do you have any idea where you got them? Or if you have no political persuasions, how come?

19. How has music influenced your life, do you sing, play an instrument or have a favorite song?

20. Do you have a school experience that really stands out in your mind, either good or bad?

21. Tell us about your father, do you have a special memory of him?

22. Have you ever witnessed or experienced a fire, flood, disaster or accident? What happened, what did you do, how did you feel about it?

23. When you have quiet time what do you like to do?

24. Who was the president of the United States when you were born? Who was your favorite president and why?

25. Did your family have any special traditions?

26. How old were you when you learned to drive. Who taught you and what kind of car did you learn on?

27. What is your first memory of as a child?

28. What did your Father & Mother do for a living?

29. Have you ever seen or witnessed a miracle?

30. What sports do you participate in or watch? Are you enthusiastic about sports or exercising?

31. Did your family have a favorite saying? What was it, and how did you feel about it?

32. Did your family have a favorite meal or recipe? Could you share the recipe with us?

33. Do you hve a family heirloom? What is it and what will you do with it?

34. Do you have a funny family story you can share?

35. What is your favorite color? Do you prefer silver or gold?

36. Who gave you your name and why? Did you have a nickname? How did you get it?

37. Tell us a memory of your childhood.

38. Tell us a memory of your teenage years.

39. Tell us an experience you had as a parent.

40. What advice or words of wisdom would you leave your family, friends and others?

Participants in the Life History Project

Amy Freeman

Carol Higgins

Connie Farrington

Connie Olson

Don Harris

Gail Goodrich

Heidi MacDuff

James Harris

Joyce Eggleston

Lee Harris

Linda Smith

Lois Rotella

Lucy Welden

Mark Harris

Philip Harris

Renee Zamora

Steven Harris

Brenda Olszewski

Jenny McMurray

Sharon Lowell

Marie Zamora

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