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Satilla Elementary's
The Satilla School District was created by a resolution of the Coffee County Board of Education on October 15, 1939. The area included was approximately sixty square miles.  The schools brought into this consolidation were Ward, Sears, Vickers, and Stokesville Elementary.

This action was approved by the people of the district in an election held on May 2, 1939.  Five trustees were elected and a local school tax, not to exceed five mills , was authorized.  At the request of the trustees, five mills local school tax was levied.  At an election called by the trustees, $20,000 was appropriated for a school.  The school was built about six miles southeast of the City of Douglas on the Axson Road.  This location was approximately the center of the district.
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The Satilla School was officially opened in September of 1940 housing grades one through eleven.  The beginning enrollment in the elementary department was 601 pupils, and the high school enrollment was 119 pupils.  The school was staffed with 17 teachers, in addition to the principal, Mr. Lee.  In September, 1951, the state mandated the addition of the twefth grade so Satilla became grades one through twelve.

The school was operated until September 1955, at which time the high school department merged with Coffee County High School.  The Satilla School operated grades one through eight.  In 1969, the pupils from grades seven and eight merged with Coffee Junior High School.  The pupils in grades one through six remained at Satilla until it burned on January 17, 1973.  From 1973 until 1981, all elementary students in the Douglas and the Satilla area were housed in grade centers at Westside, Eastside, Central, and the Airport in Douglas.

Then in January of 1979, the Coffee County Board of Education decided to organize an Advisory Committee to determine the future direction the school system should take.  After months of study, the committeee submitted their recommendations.  Among the proposals was the recommendation that a new elementary school be built at the old Satilla site.

On October 23, 1979, the Board met and reviewed the proposals of the Advisory Committee.  The board voted to accept the proposed building program.  Satilla would house kindergarten through sixth grades with an approximate attendance of 620 students with a total of 32 teachers.

The Board passed a resolution to call for a bond referendum on November 27, 1979, to finance the building program and on this date the citizens of Coffee County voted to support the bond referendum for construction.

The construction bids were opened on November 18, 1980, and Massee Builders, Inc. of Fitzgerald, Georgia was awarded the bid to construct Satilla for a total cost of $1,723.000.  Construction began in December 1980 and was completed in December, 1981.