Saturn Bound!!
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If anyone is curious, this is the astrological symbol for Saturn.  In fact, there is a symbol for every planet in our Solar System.  If you're interested in learning more about astrology, check out My Linx page.
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Hey. guys!  How y'all doin??  I know I updated this, never, so now I am.  I'd like to once again welcome you all to
Saturn Bound! I've had this site for a little over a year, thought I can't say that I've had much success with one really ever comes to my site unless I tell them about it personally...but that's OK, that's one of the main reasons I made this site - for my friends to come to and see how I'm doing.  I hope It's been a good experience for you all...I enjoy keeping it up...though there hasn't been much change on the site since I built it...So now I've decided it's time for a change ...You'll probably notice that thing will be a bit different than before...hiw much will entirely depend on how creative I am, and what I can find to put into my site.  Well, we'll see!I hope you enjoy my little site, and all it has to offer.

So anyway, my name is Diane, and I used to reside in Nanaimo, BC, Canada, which I beleive to be one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world (just the island I live on in general is quite pretty)...However, I've just recently moved to Victoria, BC, wich is on the Southern-most tip of the Island I call Home.  It's gorgeous down here as well...very pretty.

This site is mainly about me and my friends.  And anything else I damn well feel like talking about!  More will come, sooner or later, I just gotta get my crap together! ; )

May I suggest to any of my visitors, that you look at all of my pages, so that you may understand the wonder of Diane's brain.  I think in many interesting ways.  And people that know me, may never think that I'm this weird.  Well, that's the point of this show my friends just how strange I am!  Enjoy!!
Why "Saturn Bound," Diane??

Some of you may be wondering, "Diane, why would you call your site, 'Saturn Bound?'"  Well, simply put, I just thought it sounded cool, but if you really need more explanation than that, I guess it's because I don't think that most of the people in Nanaimo are actually from Nanaimo!

That's right!  It's my present theory that most of the people from this great city are acually
Extra Terestrials, sent here (from Saturn, of course) to quietly take over the world (more on my "My Proof" page)!!  Their present goal is to take Nanaimo, also dubbed "the Harbour City," and therefore the control centre of the entire planet!

No wonder those pesky aliens want us so badly!
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