Leonard M. Carroll, Managing Director
Gayland B. Cook, Managing Director
Suite 203, 2591 Wexford-Bayne Road
Sewickley, Pennsylvania 15143
724-933-7390 Phone 724-933-7399 Fax
lcarroll@sencap.com gcook@sencap.com

    Preservation Technologies
    Quadrivious, Inc.
    R&S Vinyl Products Group
    C.E.White Co.

Leonard M. Carroll

Gayland B. Cook

David J. D'Appolonia

Alan H. Finegold

Philip F. Muck

Russell J. Warren

Phillips Wiegand

Additional Shareholders

Seneca Capital Management, Inc. is the managing general partner of various limited partnerships organized to acquire ownership positions in established businesses within the financial, manufacturing, and service industries located in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and elsewhere. Seneca Capital provides strategic guidance, financial support, and management direction to the companies in which it invests, and endeavors to provide an attractive return for its investors over the term of the limited partnership.

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