PowerPoint97 Module 5

Working with ClipArt & WordArt


Insert Information using Files, Clip Arts, Microsoft Clip Gallery :

File - lets you insert an image from any graphics file.

Menu, Point and click <Insert>, <Picture>, <From File> : click


Clip Art - a graphic image you can place on a slide.

Menu, Point and click <Insert>, <Picture>, <Clip Art> : click


Mircosoft Clip Gallery - a collection of clip art images arranged by subject, include picture, video and sound clip files.

  • Inserting and Modifying a Picture
    You can insert nearly any picture, scanned photograph, line art, photo, or artwork from a CD or other program into a slide. Using the Picture submenu or the Insert menu, you can insert pictures in a slide from a file, Clip Gallery, or a scanner.

    <Insert> <New Slide>

    Select <Blank AutoLayout>

    Click <Insert> Click <Picture>
    Click <From File>

    In the list of files from <My Documents> folder,
    Select any image
    Click <Insert>

    Enlarge the picture by resizng the corner resize handles

    Click <Image Control> button on the Picture toolbar
    Click <Watermark>
    Click <Less Brightness> button twice
    Click <More Contrast> button twice

  • Insert a Clip Art Image
    PowerPoint provides hundreds of professionally designed pieces of clip art. To add a clip art image to a slide, you can use an AutoLayout with a clip area placeholder and double-click the placeholder, you can click Insert Clip Art on the Drawing toolbar, or you can point to Picture on the Insert menu and then click Clip Art
    (opens the Microsoft Clip Gallery).

    <Insert> <New Slide>

    Select <Blank AutoLayout>

    , Point and click <Insert>, <Picture>, <Clip Art> : Click

    The Microsoft Clip Gallery appears
    Click <Gestures> category
    Find out the list of clip arts
    Click <Back>

    Click <Nature> category

    Select the flag on a hill object
    Click the Insert Clip button
    The clip art image is selected on the slide, and the Picture toolbar opens.

    Moves to the bottom of slide
    <Clip Art>
    Select Special Occasions picture category
    Click the blue and yellow firecracker picture

    Click <Insert Clip> button

    Close <ClipArt> window

  • Resizing a Picture
    After inserting a picture into a Word document, you can easily increase or decrease the size of the picture. When selected, a picture displays
    eight sizing handles (small white or black boxes) around its perimeter.

    <Firecracker> picture object

    Note on the eight, black sizing handles appearing around the perimeter of the picture, and the Picture toolbar appears

    Resize the object by about half the orginal size by dragging the sizing handles

    Click <Print Preview>

    Click <Close> at Print Preview toolbar

  • Repositioning a Picture
    To poistion a picture in relation to the paage, the paragraph, or another anchor, select the item that you want to reposition.

    <Firecracker> picture object

    <Format> Click <Picture>
    <Size> tab
    <Lock aspect ratio>
    Select <Relative to original picture size>

    Click <OK>

    Click <Firecracker> picture object

    Click <Format> Click <Picture>
    <Picture> tab

    Contrast and Brightness

  • Scale an Image
    Scaling resizes an entire object by a set percentage.

    Select any
    clip art image
    The picture toolbar appears

    Click <Size> tab
    Type 120 at the Height box

    Click <OK>

    The Lock Aspect Ratio check box is selected, the Width option setting wil also automatically change to 120% when you click OK.

  • Recoloring a Clip Art Image
    You can recolor clip art images to create a different look or to match the current colour scheme

    any clip art image
    The picture toolbar appears

    Click <Recolor Picture> button
    Click <down> arrow

    A colour menu appears

    Select dark blue colour (Follow Accent Scheme Color) box
    Click <OK>

  • Inserting and Modifying WordArt
    You can insert fancy or stylized text into a presentation with WordArt.

WordArt - lets you convert text into shapes

Click <Insert> <New Slide>

Select <Blank AutoLayout>

Click <View> Click <Toolbars>
Click <Drawing>

Click <Insert WordArt> button

The WordArt toolbar appears

Type Welcome to My Tour<Enter>

Click <OK>

Click <Fill Color> buttom on the Drawing toolbar

Click <Fill Effects> at the color palette

Click <OK>


, Point and click <Insert>, <Picture>, <WordArt> : click

Select <Style> in third column, third row
Click <OK>

Click <Format WordArt> button
Click <Colors And Lines> tab
Click <Color> down arrow in the Fill section
Click dark blue (Follow Accent Scheme Color box)

Click <Color> down arrow in the Line section
Click dark blue (Follow Accent Scheme Color box)
Click <OK>



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