PowerPoint97 Module 8

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  • Changing Design Templates
    When you apply a template to a presentation, PowerPoint copies the information from each master in the template to the corresponding masters in the presentation.
    All slides in a presentation will then acquire the look of the template.

    <Apply Design>

    Select Fans

    Click <OK>

  • Change Slides Background
    You can create a special background by adding a shade, a texture, a pattern, or even a picture to slides.
    <Format> <Background>

    Click Background Fill down area

    Select <More Colors>

    Creating a textured background

    Select <Fill Effects>

    <Texture> tab

    Others : Gradient, Pattern,
    Picture (select image as the Background)

    Click <OK> <Apply>

    Changing Slide Layouts
    When you change a slide layout to a presentation, PowerPoint changes the arrangement of the position of the information in the slide.

Click <Slide Layout>

  • Create Graphics file(s)

Menu, Point and click <File>: click Save As

Windows Metafile
JPEG Filter
Gif Filter
Portable Network Graphics (PNG)


  • Send a Presentation Via E-mail
    You can
    send a presentation over either a local network or the Internet by using an e-mail program, such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express.

    Microsoft Outlook Interface :

Menu, Point and click <View><Toolbars> :
click Reviewing

Click <Send> button

Send e-mail with attached file
<File> <Send To>
<Mail Recipient (as Attachment)>


  • Use the PowerPoint Viewer
    PowerPoint comes with a special program -
    PowerPoint Viewer - which allows you to show a slide show on a computer that does not have PowerPoint installed.

    Insert the Microsoft Office 2000 CD or Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 CD -

    Double-click the Ppview32 file

  • Use the Pack And Go Wizard
    If you need to transport your presentation to another computer, you can use the
    Pack And Go Wizard to compress and save the presentation to a floppy disk. With the Pack And Go Wizard, you can include linked files and fonts that are used in the presentation.

    <File> <Pack And Go>

    Click <Next>

    Click <Finish>

    You are now ready to ready to install to the remote computer.


  • Insert and Outline from Microsoft Word
    PowerPoint can insert outlines created in other programs in Word 95 or Word 97 (setup with outline heading styles) into a presentation outline. PowerPoint creates slide titles and paragraphs
    based on the heading and paragraph text indent levels.

    Default (Normal) view of Word 97 document

    Outline view of Word 97 document

    PowerPoint Core Lesson 4 : Word Document

    <Insert> <Slides From Outline>
    Select <Look in:> list
    <PowerPoint Core Practice> folder
    Click 04 Marketing Outline.doc
    Click <Insert>

  • Insert slides from other presentations
    You can save time while creating a presentation by using slides that you or someone else has already made by
    inserting slides.

    PowerPoint Core Lesson Sample File 2

    <Insert> <Slides From Files>

    Select and Click <Insert>

  • Insert a Microsoft Excel Chart
    PowerPoint simplifies the process of inserting an Excel chart into a presentation as an embedded object (direct connection to data in the source program) in the slide.

    To save the file, you can link an object ("link" back to the original document or source document).

    <Insert> <New Slide>

    Click <Insert> <Object>

    Select <Create from File:> option
    Click <Microsoft Excel Chart>

    Click <Browse>
    In the list of files,
    Click 09 PR Budget.xls

    PowerPoint Core Lesson 9 : Excel Spreadsheet1


Click <OK>

PowerPoint embeds the chart (a bar chart) into the new slide

Double-click the embedded Excel chart
Excel opens and displays the Chart1 worksheet.
Note : The Standard and Formatting toolbars change to the Excel toolbars, and the Excel Chart toolbar appears.

Click <Chart2> worksheet tab

Click a blank area of the slide to exit Excel

Final Project

PowerPoint Final Project



Edwin Koh : We completed on the
New Knowledge and Skills in
MS PowerPoint97 Module 8.







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