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News 1: OAR plans to harvest latest breed of LuoHan fries soon!!

News 2: Sha Pi Gous Fries all sold out!!

News 3:Very Special Prices for remaining fishes from our clients!!

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VCD creation services for your fish shop specimens!


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OAR Contacts

We strive to provide best-in-class re-sale service to our loyal friends like you. As such we are really keen to hear your feedbacks for improvements to our services. Please contact us at the respective point of contacts as shown below:




For your purchases or sales enquiries, please direct them to:

~Please quote the fish reference number at the Retail web pages~

For Voice-calls/SMS:


Operations Manager:   Dickson @ +65-98169797

(He is VERY friendly, try not to negotiate too hard)


For E-mails:


Sales Manager:   Chin @ oasispur@hotmail.com

(Smooth talker and equally friendly!)


(our staffs are bilingual in English and Chinese and most dialiects)

*Video playbacks are available upon requests at our Viewing Venues for fishes still kept at our Quarantine areas for early-bird purchases.

Sales Conditions and Terms
All purchases will be made upon booking with 50% cash deposit of agreed price at our Viewing Venues. The remaining 50% payment will be made upon collection of fish within one working day duration from point of order confirmation. Deposit will be forfeited and fish resold if not collected within one working day. These applies to fishes pre-ordered from Video/picture viewing while fish is still in Quarantine stage unless otherwise stated. Cash and Collect is preferred for fish on display.




For your technical questions, please send them to our Technical Manager, Lim @oasisfish@hotmail.com.




Email Contact

Please send your particulars, contact numbers, email address to us for new fish arrival notification with photos at:









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