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News 1: OAR plans to harvest latest breed of LuoHan fries soon!!

News 2: Sha Pi Gous Fries all sold out!!

News 3:Very Special Prices for remaining fishes from our clients!!

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OAR News 2!

1st batch of Sha Pi Gou fries SOLD OUT!! 

Thank you for the overwhelming support and your recognition of the value of these fries! OAR will NOT release any more fries as we are confident their value will escalate when launched locally by shops!

Some of our customers who have purchased the fries have commented:

" As a genuinely keen person in keeping top-quality LuoHans, I believe in spending reasonable money on fishes that I believe are worth the price. I do not expect a cheap fry to become a champion fish and in the end wasting my money and efforts. There is no free-meal in this world and I will be a fool to believe that! Since no-one else has these fries or they are unwilling to sell them, I am willing to buy them from OAR" John Leong, Thomson.

"I have seen your mature Sha Pi Gou and believed that they will be worth much more when they are commercially released in the market. It is absolutely unique in it's skin texture and multiple color shades! I want to invest in your fries so that in a few months after spending little in food, they will be worth much more since I will be one of the first few to own them in Singapore. 'One cent money, one cent merchandise'." Mr Tan B.K., AMK. (OAR helped in translating from Hokkien to English)

" I pay what I can afford to own a unique LuoHan that I like in terms of color and body-shape. That is the idea. I don't try to own a Hua LuoHan that is identical to my friend's, I want to own something that nobody has! And considering that in a few months of good-feeding that cost next to nothing, the fish would have grown to a large size and worth much much more, what I am paying now is justified. If I want another Generation 3 Ultimate Warrior I can get it at a few dollars each, but so can any Tom, Dick and Harry!" Mr Louis Tan, Bukit Timah.

Please await our harvest of the remaining fries in Oct 02.








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