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News 1: OAR plans to harvest latest breed of LuoHan fries soon!!

News 2: Sha Pi Gous Fries all sold out!!

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OAR News 1

New Sha Pi Gou fries to harvest in Oct 02!  (posted 31 July 02)

OAR staffs are really excited about our latest batch of fries of the new and exciting breed Sha Pi Gou (Sand-skin dog). The 3 months old display fish is so colorful and dog-faced like that our staffs could not resist them! OAR believes we are one of the only 2 parties that have these precious fishes from our Malaysian friends placing them under our care for re-sale. We even have been allocated a 5 inch sample for display!!!

Click here to go to the Fry-Sized LuoHan pages now!


7 inch display sample showing it's beauty when stable. It is unbelievable!


No wonder they call it Sha Pi Gou. It sure has a face of a cute puppy! OAR thinks this will be the favorite breed of 02 with Zin Hua!


OAR's own 5.5 inch display sample! We look forward to it's 'true' colors upon stable.




New medium-sized Zin Huas and Zin Hua LuoHan available!  (posted 31 July 02)

OAR is glad to announce that we have also acquired 2 medium sized Zin Huas and Zin Hua Luo Hans each from our Malaysian friends. We believed that we are one of very few people in Singapore to have this first batch of Zin Huas for local re-sale on behalf of our friends. 

Click here to go to the Medium-Sized LuoHan pages now!

More photos of a 10 inch Zin Hua display sample from our breeders. It's vibrant colors resembles that of a rainbow. 




New breed Pearl Luo Han fries to harvest in August 02  (posted 22 July 02)

Side view of the fries in a lit tank

OAR's latest breed of Pearl LuoHan will be mature for harvesting in August 02. It is expected to sell for S$58 ea at a size of around 2 inches. Stay tuned for more new on this!


Bird's eye view of the fries maturing in the mud ponds




New small and medium sized Luohan available in Aug 02 (posted 22 July 02)

OAR expects our next batch of small and medium fish from top-grade breeders and fish-hunters in August 02. Stay tuned for new pictures of quality fishes!




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