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News 1: OAR plans to harvest latest breed of LuoHan fries soon!!

News 2: Sha Pi Gous Fries all sold out!!

News 3:Very Special Prices for remaining fishes from our clients!!

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OAR News 3!

Thank you for your overwhelming response!!!!! 

20% of our initial batch of small-sized fishes were sold within days of our wedsite launch!!!! The general comment is that the fishes must be viewed to be appreciated! OAR is happy to announce price-reductions for our remaining fishes to thank our friends for your support. Do not wait as we do not intend to acquire anymore fishes in the near future. Take a look at our webpages RIGHT NOW before they are gone again!!!

All our friends who have purchased fishes will have their contacts recorded. As and when we have acquired new stocks, they will be the first to be informed via email/voice calls as part of our loyalty services.

Please go to the Contacts Page to have your particulars sent to our email address if you would like to be informed of new arrivals.


Thank you once again !!!!



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