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News 1: OAR plans to harvest latest breed of LuoHan fries soon!!

News 2: Sha Pi Gous Fries all sold out!!

News 3:Very Special Prices for remaining fishes from our clients!!

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Mission of Oasis AquaRealm (OAR)

We are a team of ornamental fish enthusiasts setting a mission to establish a best-in-class ornamental fish re-sale point providing good quality fishes at reasonable prices.

Our breeding and rearing technique is a result of years of actual experience with various fish types. We really do know how to provide the best possible environment for our fishes, unlike most fish shops that goes by trial-and-error and their sloppy "We know best although we do not know why, so shut up and pay up" attitude; or they are simply setting up shop as they knew nothing else 'easy yet profitable' to sell. Problem is they forgot to ask if their '$10,000' Luohan is really that valuable, most of the time, you will realise they are obsolete breeds kept in stressful environments.

Our prized fishes are taken care of by dedicated personnel treating them as their own pets on be-half of our friends like yourself, thereby providing them with attention and regular feedings. Fishes under such care will usually grow better and stabilise faster. This is also why we have fish-viewing venues that are not shopfronts where traffic will stress the fishes. Instead, we have opted for a view upon request from viewing our webpages. 

As this webpage is still in it's infancy, we hoped you could bear with us while we continue to refine it with your feedbacks. We also welcome you to post us your high-quality fish photos if you would like us to re-sell for you (please send them to our email contacts at Sales Contacts). Thank you and enjoy your browsing!




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