Sunday, October 31, 2004

Went Clubbing last night! =)) Dearie and i danced together for so long NON-stop! heh. i LOve you baby. i had lots of fun with Dearie these few days. *HUgz* after that we went to eat. Reach home only about 5 plus. I slept till about 2 plus this afternoon~ hehe. Dearie woke up earlier and then went to play golf. For dinner Dearie and i went to eat Vietnmese food again. we tried another restaurant, but not as nice as the one we went! TOmorrow have to go back school to take back results. *Scared* oh wellz.. here are some more pics. and iw an everyone of u out there reading this to know i love my baby alot! =))

Princess At 10:54 PM

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Was supposed to go to the Beach with them this morning, i was ALL CHanged and Prepared! but i didn't go because of something. Went to have early lunch with Dearie. Then followed him to the Golf course to see him play. TOnight going clubbing! *Heh*

LAst night we went Pubbing and Clubbing~ Dearie and i got so high. SO embarrassing~ =x but both of us were still quite sober, chit-chatting with Kenneth, HAfis and andrea~ reached home quite early because we went off like 9PM. hehe. was fun! GOnna dance like crazy tonight. *HOpefully*

Princess At 02:38 PM

Friday, October 29, 2004

Today had the school's Grad Lunch thingie. Food was horrible. TOok qute a numer of pics, but all not with me!! =( Dearie went golf. left me alone at home. AGAIn. last night we went to GElare to eat waffles and ice-cream~ then we went to catch a movie , The Exorcist~ not bad. VERy Disgusting~!!! NOt sure what's on tonight. Dearie's plan. TOmorrow morning going to Cottosloe beach at 7 AM! then at night Clubbing! cant wait!

Princess At 05:20 PM

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Went to the golf course again! This time i've got Sun BUrn on my BACK!!!! Glad that the weather is so much warmer! and the sun is out!! no more WINTER!! COoked Dinner for Dearie. Got my results back! just passed my maths. =( Tomorrow there's some Lunch thingie with the school. Still thinking what to wear. heh. God Bless you all! miss you guys in SINGAPORE!

Princess At 07:47 PM

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hehe, today went to the golf course with Dearie, JAson and Hafis. i didn;t play at all, i walked through the 9-hole with them! FUcking Flies damn irritating!! and it was hot!! hehe. Came home, went to eat JAppy food with Dearie. Just got back not long ago from Gelare! ate Ice-cream and Waffles! CHocolate OVerlaod was great! Went with The usual GAnG~ damn tired now! kekez. and Dearie let me drive his car just now!!!!!!!!!!! =x He said i was a pretty good driver. hahaha. HAfis said i was good too! =)

Princess At 11:38 PM

Monday, October 25, 2004

Heh. went to eat with them.. See them play pool a lil'.. had nice chinese dinner with my fave dishes. and Great laughs with them too! haha.

Princess At 11:58 PM

I'm so HUNGRY right now!!!! Going to NORthbridge for Dinner with Dearie and some other friends~ heh. Eat chinese food i think. My Stomach is growling!! =(( i ate alot for lunch! I don't know why am i still so Hungry~ It's cold today as well. But was pretty Sunny~ Hmm.. Dearie in the shower now. I'm gonna change and prepare! Tataz.

Suddenly i have a craving for Fremantle's strawberry. it's relly nice and sweet!! yUmmY!! and HEALTHY. haha

Princess At 06:49 PM

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Woke up a lil' late~ kekez. I went Fitness First finally!! haha. swim and steam. Hmmm. Dearie went to play golffie after a hard day of Studying~ Going to Fitness tomorrow!! Dearie just got back. gotta go! HUgz.

Princess At 05:19 PM

Saturday, October 23, 2004

HEhe. I went FCUK yesterday with JAson! i bought 3 tops!! hehehe. They're so lovely~ =)) I wanted to buy more!!! haiz. MIght go back soon. I love so much things in here. HOW? i feel like buying the whole shop down!! hoping Dearie would buy me the roxy baggie. keke. =x Poor Dearie still has exams. haha. but he's not studying tht much. *Naughty* NOthing much happened. enjoy the pics. heh.
i love this one so much. the colour!
Bought this in light blue! wanted the white, but it was translucent. =/
I like this skirt. hehe
This one too!
i love this roxy bag.
This one as well! hehe.
Roxy tube? hmm.
This is the billabong bikini i'm eyeing!!!
This FUCK top is so nice, but the words are a bit... =)

Princess At 06:42 PM

Thursday, October 21, 2004

FInally my Exams are over! Slept for a while.. then went to Carousal to meet Andrea and Jason.. i bought a top! =) hehe. i like it. Hmm.. i am going to rest now! Take care peeps!

Princess At 06:20 PM

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

i'm sad. i didn;t do well for my maths exam today~ =( i scared i'll fail! i cant afford to fail!! i was fucking careless and stupid! tommorow is HUman Biology. Hope i can do ok. studying hard for it right now. but i'm tired. i have to wake up early to study~ =( tatz.

Princess At 11:36 PM

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Finally my 2 exams are over!! 2 more to go!! =) i did so much writing today that my hand have a blister~ =( so fucking pain. wrote so much!!! almost 6 essays = 12 pages of words non stop! i duno if i can do well anot, but hopefully i can. i dont wanna have too much confidence else i'll be more disappointed. TOmorrow is maths! i'm gonna do so much maths tonight. haiz. the most boring and headache subject~

Dearie went to the golf course again. both of us were late for the exam~ wanted to sit together but too bad. =( i gonna bathe now. hehe. nightzzz

Princess At 05:18 PM

Monday, October 18, 2004

Fucking hell. Dearie just had his first exam. He seemed much more relieved. =) but i'm so fucking stressed right noW! i have 2 papers tomorrow!!! and consecutive for 3 days i have one exam each day. haiz. i cant wait for the exams to be ver then i have a week plus to enjoy till the final exams. ARGH!!!

Princess At 07:45 PM

Sunday, October 17, 2004

hehe. i'm at Andrea's house now. studying. exams coming up in 2 days. been doing maths!! and i miss Dear right now.. =( but he's coming in one hours time!! hehe. Jason slept in her room! he was suppose to study!! Hafis not so bad, studied. hehe... gtg.. hehehe..

Princess At 06:59 PM

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Exams in 3 days!!!!!!!! haiz. just got back home from a house party~ everyone drunk! EXCEPT me. =) It was a great party. Dear was still studying when i came home. how hardworking. i feel bad. haiz. gonna sleep nOW! Tata.

Princess At 02:46 AM

Friday, October 15, 2004

Went to Vincent's house! studied abit, watched movie, and played with his DOggie!! (elmo i think!) then went to have dinner with Dearie~ and then come home~ want to study but have no mood.. =(( Dearie has been so hardworking. =( boring.

Princess At 10:31 PM

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Fucking stressed~!!!! study so much but i cant seem to get anything into my fucking brain! I know i have to study, but it's reallie making me go crazy~ i cant wait for it to be fucking over.

so damn tired..

Princess At 06:35 PM

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Didn't study at all the past 2 days!! *Scared* Last night Dearie and i went NOrthbridge to eat again! we had a great meal!! Soup, Half a duckkie , veges and rice. hehe. Dearie sleeping now!

LAst night i just set up my 2nd friendster acocunt! so heh. feel free to have a look~ I think i have to try and study now. heh. nothing else to say~ taz

Princess At 03:51 PM

Monday, October 11, 2004

I havent been studying!! i'm sooo scared. =( haiz. i almost killed Dearie just now. i accidentally hit him on his head. and it Bleed! =( i was so guilty. And now Dearie is resting, sleeping soundly~ =) More pics to share. gonna study now. Huggies

Princess At 04:41 PM

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hehe. went Northbridge to eat Vietnamnese food for dinner with Dearie! it was yummy! i had Duckkie and Dearie had some chicken thing i think. we were both so full~ heh. Dropped by Jason's place just now to get the remaining pics!! hehehe.

Princess At 10:20 PM

Been lazy to blog the last few days! cos there's so much to update!! DIdn't sleep much the night before, only managed to catch up last night! i went Clubbing on Friday~ there were 8 of us! =)) (4 girls and Boys each) heh. before clubbing, a few of us including Dearie went for a Pasar malam~ i didn't eat anything, only drank a ice-blended mango with Pearl~ hehe. there as a striptease at the club, oh did i mention it was techno! YUCKs! well that Stripper was quite hot. AFter clubbing, we went to eat at Fast-eddy's~ i only drank a choco milkshake! after that went to the casino~ and then we went to watch the Sunrise at Fremantle! heh. we took lots of pics!!!

About 6 plus, we went to Macdonalds for breakfast~ i ate hashbrowns! and we finally reached home at 7.30 AM! I slept at about 10 plus and woke up one hour later! we went to the Perth royal Show! it;s like a carnival! Lots of rides and games! hehehe. but i only won the small stufftoys.. =( sat a few rides!! like one which is called Sling Shot! it's a 2-sitter one, with 2 suspension springs. and were thrown up into the air at more than 70Metres and 360degrees turn!! it was thrilling! but there was one ride where Gan asked me, CHristina and Jason to sit! after the ride, the 3 of us were almost dead. It was the most horrible ride ever!!!!! I felt so Horrible that i asked Dearie to come pick me up! *HUGz*

So tired now~ just got back from Foodland with some GRoceries~ had lunch with Dearie~ I have somemore pics but they are with Kenneth~ when i get it i'll share!!! hehe. =)) have fun!

Princess At 05:53 PM

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Just had my test! =)) Think i'm gonna do fine in it thanks to Dearie! *Winkz* after class i went Box 3 again, with Jason, Andrea and June. Went there to chill~ then Dearie came to pick us. =) NOw i'm home studying with Dearie. heh. Later tonight have to go airport to pick Hafis! heh.

Damn stressed. exams are round the corner. i'm gonna study hard! =p I miss my notti Bryan! and my lazy Coco and "bitchy" Pebbles. hehe. I've got so much movies i wanna watch!

Princess At 05:42 PM

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Today has been bad. Real Frustrating! wont talk about it further. =(( Well.. went for class this Afternoon~ just for an hour or so. Skipped my morning lesson! Came home and slept the whole day till evening~ Dearie fell asleep beside me too. hehe. I cooked my own dinner~ Dearie went to buy. but i just cooked supper for him. HAve been studying the whole night for my test tomorrow! =(

No plans for tommorow yet. Might go Box 3~ heh. Hafis coming back to Perth tomorrow night! might go pick him up as well. ok. back to studyz.

Princess At 11:59 PM

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Went for Class today~ boring. then went Lunch with Dearie and Jason~ and some others but not at the same eating place. =/ Then i went to Fitness First for a swim and then went to Carousal to meet Jason at Box 3! i love the Mango smoothie there!!! and he took a couple of pics for me! Dearie then came down later to join us.. hehehe.. chit chatted for a while then went home le. I'm gonna go study now! *Winkz* Enjoy the pics!

Princess At 07:44 PM

These few nights i really have been Sleeping late! Chatted with a few Friends on MSN, just to catch up with them~ realised lots of thigs have happened~ Ate Macdonalds' for dinner today, had a filet-o-fish~ YummY! Dearie had Big mac!

Was home the whole day, didn;t study at all in the Afternoon~ but did 3 hours of Maths just now! haha. i have a Test tml tht's why~ Dearie dont have to go school for the whole of this week, but i have to! @#$%@#$!^&% haiz. have to wake up early tomorrow! *Sobz*

Just remembered, i washed and vacuum Dearie's car today! haha shuying, you should have scolded him for me. he made me washed his car! =)) Anyway, gonna slp now.. taz..

Princess At 01:05 AM

Sunday, October 03, 2004

I slept so late last night! was surfing the net and Chatting with a few old Friends! (Tee Yu and Kalyn) Got some Pics from her during the School Gathering~ the pics so nice! and i feel sad that i couldn't go back there to see our old friends and teachers! Dearie studying beside me.. and Jason the pig sleeping on the bed. (In my house) SUpposed to be Studying but in the end.. i'm playing on the net! Haha. and my humourous Dearie ask me to keep quiet because he's doing a past year examination paper and "invigilate" him! hhehe. how nice. And i'm talking to Mag online.. hehehe.. boring. Yesterday, I took lots of Pictures of myself again! i was sooo bored!! but i just like photos! =))

Princess At 05:55 PM

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Went to have lunch with Dearie and Jason! then Jason and i went to Carousal to shop shop, eat eat and talk talk. =)) *Had a nice hearty chat with him* oh well.. he drank 3 glasses of different drinks! and we shared a Grill lamb! it was sooooo Delicious!

Bought a top from Jeans west! beautiful top! though Jason didn;t like it.. =( anyways.. have some pics! And i wore my fave A/X top again.. =/

Princess At 07:36 PM

Friday, October 01, 2004

More Photos of me.. =)) hehe, i was bored! Anyway, i went CIty with Dearie just now! i bought a pair of Earrings and 2 Gorgeous tops from Sportsgirl! Though they cost quite a lot.. but it's damn nice! hah! even Dear also say nice! =)) bleah~

Princess At 11:52 PM

New month of this year again. Time passes really fast. Just came back from school~ got back lots of test papers. didn't do well! next 2 weeks are exams study week. I'll be studying. and i really have to. The last time i'll be going out is this weekend. Tonight there's late night shopping! but i doubt ill be going.. =(

HAve some pics to share~ enjoyzz...

Princess At 03:39 PM