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Note: This site is abandoned and will not be updated. My current homepage is located at the URL below and I encourage you to visit that page instead and update all your bookmarks.


All useful and relatively bug-free program I've produced. More stuff can be found on the pages below, but if you're not interested in geek stuff you'll perhaps like this better.
DOS Pascal Section
Some useful compiled programs and source code for the Borland/Turbo Pascal hacker.
Windows Pascal Section
Ditto for Borland Pascal for Windows users. A bit more material than the DOS section above. Contains quite a few OWL units with classes to better integrate with Windows.
Delphi Section
Just a couple of components and souce code snippets. It contains my spare time project, Delphi Q&A, the first Delphi FAQ in Swedish. Currently answers about 230 common questions and is updated in Windows help file format the 15th every month. I've also gathered a bunch of links to Delphi and BDE updates and patches.
Sites worth visiting
A number of carefully selected links to other sites that I find valueble in my quest for more information and entertainment. I also try to give a good description of each site, the name doesn't always say much.
Other things of interest
A couple of my other creations, a symbol font for technical use (actually named after one of my former teachers) and my C++ project at school, a demonstration of the power of object-orientation.
[Wersting] D[ir]
My own replacement for DOS' traditional DIR command. There are a number of other DIR replacements out, but I still haven't found one with the same compatability with the original. Many useful features, it can e.g. display the contents of all common archives and the resolution of all common image formats.
2 Stupid Dogs
My favorite cartoons mutts have got a page of their own. These doggies are probably the best cartoon characters created this decade.
Bäck's Personal Page
A rather short autobiography.
The Latest news
All changes made to this site, check to see if anything's new.

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