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DPas - Pascal Compiler

Version 1.7 beta

The DPas - 32 bit Pascal Compiler is an all-in-one-Compiler which produces direct executable 32 bit programs.

These are the main features in brief:
Fast single pass compiler which generates fast binaries
Supports all standard Pascal commands like: for, repeat, until, while, do, case, if, then, else,writeln, readln
Provides enhanced Pascal methods like: break, continue, port, mem, absolute, ioport
provides C-like pointer expressions
allows conditional compiling
supports all standard types, enumeration types, record types and array types
provides floating point expressions
Comes with a run-time-library CRT32, DOS32, MS32 - including source codes
Whole system library comes including source code - DPas is therefore ideal for embedded system programming
Supports modular programming
Allows inline assembling
The linker is integrated, all you have to do is - run DPas
Complete Manual in PDF
DPas is free!

For more detailed information - take a look at the manual
  • DPAS.DOC manual
  • See the Power of DPas - take a look at an example application
  • Mandelbrot Viewer
  • Get more information about the Dos Extender:
  • Pro32 Dos Extender
  • Get a free protected mode debugger:
  • Pro32 Debugger
  • To download The Compiler - Click here:
    DPas Compiler Version 1.7 beta (about 250 KBytes)

    Software Download DPas ( about 250 KBytes

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