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Environmental Business Leaders Endorse Al Gore

Sunday, November 5, 2000


Praise His Plans to Extend Prosperity, Protect the Environment

NASHVILLE -- Nearly 100 environmental business leaders from across the country today endorsed Al Gore, praising his plans to extend prosperity and protect the environment. Gore has a bold agenda to clean up the environment and curtail global warming, while creating jobs and strengthening the economy at the same time. Gore will eliminate the national debt to help keep interest rates lower, fueling investment, innovation, and growth.

"Al Gore has stood up for environmental protection and economic progress through his entire career," said Richard Goodstein, president of Goodstein & Associates. "He understands that such reinforcements not only benefit the environment, but also spur new technologies and invigorate the economy. Our economic success comes with the responsibility to safeguard our nation's air, land and water."

Gore's economic plan would eliminate the national debt and its interest payments, while offering family tax cuts. To help extend the new economy to benefit all families, Gore would fight for a smaller, smarter government that stays out of the way. His plan would reduce government spending, as a share of the economy, to its lowest level in 50 years.

Gore would make aggressive investments to encourage innovation, fighting for the largest-ever expansion of tax credits to encourage research and experimentation in the private sector. He would fight to reform schools and make skills training more available. He would ensure strong privacy protections, so that citizens'medical and financial records are protected online and otherwise.

Gore has called for making the next 10 years the Environment Decade, an initiative that includes broad goals to protect public lands and clean up the nation's air and water. His plan would encourage smarter community growth and invest more in conservation. It would take steps to reverse the rise in global warming.

Gore would dedicate portion of the expected budget surplus to create a new National Energy Security and Environment Trust Fund that would help industries reduce dangerous emissions and offer tax breaks up to $6,000 for consumers who purchase more fuel-efficient cars, trucks and homes. He would invest in cleaner and safer buses, new rail systems and increase the reliability of the power grid.

Gore has been a leader throughout his career on the environment and the economy. As vice president, he cast the tie-breaking vote to pass the 1993 economic plan, which cut the deficit and helped balance the budget for the first time in a generation. He chaired some of the first Congressional hearings on toxic-waste clean up that laid the groundwork for passage of the Superfund Act. Along with the Big Three automakers, he led the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV) that has helped spur new technologies that give consumers cars that use less gas and create less pollution.

The full list of endorsers follows below:

  • Lilia A. Abron, Peer Consultants, P.C., Maryland
  • Amy S. Anthony, Housing Investments, Inc., Massachusetts
  • Chester G. Atkins, Ads Ventures, Inc., Massachusetts
  • David Barash, Go-to Go LLC, Vermont
  • Allen M. Barnett, Astropower, Inc., Delaware
  • David Benjamin, Environmental Design Partners, Inc., Florida
  • Michael Bergey, Bergey Windpower Co., Oklahoma
  • David Beschen, GreenDisk Inc., Washington
  • M. Ilyas Bhatti, The Bhatti Group, Inc., Massachusetts
  • Robert V. Bibbo, Environmental Sciences, Rhode Island
  • Dr. Michael Biddle, MBA Polymers, Inc, California
  • Harvey Bixon, H. Bixon & Sons, Inc, Connecticut
  • David Blittersdorf, NRG Systems, Inc, Vermont
  • Jared Blum, PIMA, Washington DC
  • Keith Brackpool, Cadiz Inc, California
  • Don Bradley, Jr., Solar Homes Builder, Pennsylvania
  • David Calley, Southwest Windpower, Arizona
  • Leslie Carothers, United Technologies Corporation, Connecticut
  • Griffin Carrison, Thermal Conversion Technology, Inc., Florida
  • David Carroll, Syn-Tel.com, Maryland
  • Bernard H. Cherry, Oxbow Power Corporation, Florida
  • Anthony Cignoli, The A.L. Cignoli Company, Massachusetts
  • Ralph Coerman, Muus Asset Management Company, New York
  • Carol Cone, Cone, Inc., Massachusetts
  • Karen Conover, Global Energy Concepts, Washington
  • Johnny Cope, Resource Protection Inc., New Mexico
  • Anne P. Couture, Couture Environmental Strategies LLC, Michigan
  • John P. DeVillars, Brownfields Recovery Corporation, Massachusetts
  • Michael Dieden, Creative Housing Associates, California
  • Douglas Dunlop, Pure Energy Corporation, New York
  • Scott D. Dunlop, Pure Energy Corporation, California
  • David B. Eisenhaure, SatCon Technology Corporation, Massachusetts
  • Doug Farr, Farr Associates Architecture & Urban Design, Illinois
  • Richard Feldstein, Prinze Ltd., Illinois
  • Grant Ferrier, Environmental Business International, Inc., California
  • George Gamota, Science & Technology Management Associates, Massachusetts
  • William A. Gildea, Jr., Enventures Capital, LLC, Massachusetts
  • Jonathan P. Gill, Greenstar Development, Massachusetts
  • Wayne Granquist, Green Mountain Capital, Vermont
  • Charles Guinn, Strategic Guidance Associates, New York
  • Les Hamasaki, Renewable Energy, California
  • Donald Hardy, PanAero Corporation, Colorado
  • Philip L. Hillman, Polaroid, Massachusetts
  • Gary Hirshberg, Stonyfield Farm, Inc., New Hampshire
  • Jeffrey Hollender, Seventh Generation, Vermont
  • Jonathan L. Horwitch, Sentech, Inc., Maryland
  • Eric Hudson, Recycline, Inc., Massachusetts
  • Nicholas Humber, Brae Burn Management, Massachusetts
  • Radha Jalan, Electrochem Inc., Massachusetts
  • Wendy M. James, The Better World Group, California
  • Edward C. Kern, Jr., PhD, Applied Power Corporation, Massachusetts
  • Joseph Kennedy, Citizens Energy Corporation, Massachusetts
  • Charles F. Kireker, Green Mountain Capital, Vermont
  • Henry Krasener, DLR Ventures LLC, New York
  • Lloyd R. (Bob) Lawrence, Jr., Bob Lawrence & Associates, Inc., Virginia
  • Richard Lehfeldt, TECO Energy, Inc., Florida
  • Murray Liebman, Liebman & Associates, Washington DC
  • Gary Liss, Gary Liss & Associates, California
  • Roger G. Little, Solar Energy & Biomedical Products, Massachusetts
  • Kenneth R. Locklin, Advantage Financial Services, Virginia
  • Peter J. McCarthy, ATOFINA Chemicals, Delaware
  • Rob McCord, Eastern Technology Council, Pennsylvania
  • Chuck McDermott, The Rockport Group, Massachusetts
  • Daniel Moon, Longwood Environmental Management, Massachusetts
  • David Mooney, Neighborhood Renewal Group, Colorado
  • Charles A. Moore, Akin, Gump Law Firm, Texas
  • Dennis M. Murphy, U.S. Venture Group and Electric Vehicles Worldwide, Massachusetts
  • Michael North, Greenstar Corporation, California
  • Albert Nunez, Solar King Supply/Capital Sun Group, Ltd., Maryland
  • David Olsen, Patagonia, Inc., California
  • Federico F. Pena, Vestar Capital Partners, Colorado
  • Anthony O. Perriba, Alternative Power, Inc., New York
  • Kevin Pierce, Farr Associates Architecture & Urban Design, Illinois
  • William Raap, Gardener's Supply Co., Vermont
  • Kirk Renaud, Biobite, Inc., Maryland
  • Wayne Rogers, Synergics Energy Development, Maryland
  • Julian J. Rothbaum, Francis Oil & Gas, Inc., Oklahoma
  • Steven Rothstein, EFI, Inc., Massachusetts
  • Paul Routhier, J.P. Routhier and Sons, Inc., Massachusetts
  • Joyce Rowland, Sempra Energy, California
  • Thomas A. Rymsza, KP Products, Inc., dba Vision Paper, New Mexico
  • Ruth A. Salinger, Salinger Group, Inc., Massachusetts
  • Warren Salinger, Global Initiatives, Massachusetts
  • Roger W. Sant, The AES Corporation, Virginia
  • Subir K. Sanyal, Geothermex, Inc., California
  • Rajat K. Sen, Sentech Inc., Maryland
  • Jeffrey A. Serfass, Technology Transition Corporation, Washington, DC
  • Andrew L. Shapiro, GreenOrder.com, New York
  • Robert Sherwin, Atlantic Orient Corporation, Vermont
  • Craig Sieben, Sieben Energy Associates, Illinois
  • Scott Sklar, The Stella Group, Ltd., Virginia
  • Arthur E. Smith, Jr., NiSource, Inc., Indiana
  • Donald M. Smith, Smith Cogeneration , Inc., Oklahoma
  • Megan Smith, MSS Consultants, LLC, Virginia
  • Michael Sonnenfeldt, Solar Outdoor Lighting, Inc., New York
  • Peter Spinney, NevCo, Inc., Massachusetts
  • David Stitzhal, Full Circle Environmental, Inc., Washington
  • Dan Storpen, New York
  • Steven Strong, Solar Design Associates, Inc., Massachusetts
  • Marc M. Sussman, Dental Recycling North America, Inc., New York
  • Daniel Yohannes, US Bank, Colorado
  • Steven Zelkoeitz, Keyspan Corporation, New York
  • Paul J. Zofnass, Environmental Financial Consulting Group (EFCG), New York

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