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Other Points: Commentary

GOP won by planting seeds of deception
December 14 - Roger Ebert - Local copy
Now that the adventure is over, it might be instructive to consider some of the ideas that seeped into the general consciousness. How and why, for example, did it become established in so many minds that Bush was the presumptive winner and Gore the apparent loser?
The Lynching of the Black Vote
December 10 - Robert Kuttner - Local copy
MANY BOOKS WILL be written about the stolen presidential election of 2000. And when they are, one prominent factor will be the Republicans systematic and extra-legal effort to reduce black voting, details of which are just now being pieced together
Article: The Beginning of the End? Or the End of the Beginning?
December 10 - NY Times (may require a free registration)
A sour James Baker called the Florida Supreme Court ruling "sad for our democracy." Actually, oh Velvet Hammer, you've got it backward.
When you try to obscure truth, as the Bush crowd has, that is sad for our democracy. When you try to reveal truth, as the Florida Supreme Court did, that is swell for our democracy.
What Bush and Gore Ought to Say
December 7, 2000 - Stephanie Salter, San Francisco Chronicle
God bless Cheney's generous heart. Concerned about Gore's place in history. Just like the song from "Man of La Mancha" -- "I'm only thinking of him."
Neither Won, So Split Electors Between Them
December 7, 2000 - ERWIN CHEMERINSKY LA Times
There is only one fair and just solution to the Florida election battles: The Florida Supreme Court should divide the state's 25 electoral votes between Vice President Al Gore and Gov. George W. Bush.
Keep Them Out!
December 7 - NY Times (may require a free registration)
The tactics have changed, but the goal remains depressingly the same: Keep the African- Americans out of the voting booths.
Sisyphus at Starbucks
December 6 - NY Times (may require a free registration)
Al, babe, snap out of it.
 We know you won. W. hasn't given it much thought. Jeb and Katherine know better than anyone that you won. Even Trent Lott, sashaying around W.'s ranch in that unforgettable plumed cowboy chapeau and jeans ensemble, knows you won.
 But you lost. If voter intent could be tabulated, you would have won. But it can't be. Your crusade is working, but only perversely.
Absentee Favoritism
December 6, 2000 - Miami Herald
Did elections officials unfairly aid GOP?
Amid the turmoil of this post-election, there are two principles that Floridians should agree upon: That elections officials must scrupulously follow the law, and that they show no favoritism.
Cheney Gets Vulgar
December 6 - NY Times
It has become fashionable to say that if and when George W. Bush makes it to the White House, Dick Cheney will be the de facto president. This may be unfair or it may be wishful thinking. But in any case it was Mr. Cheney, speaking last weekend, who gave us our first post-election hints about Mr. Bush's economic policy. And the news is not good.
Bracing for Bush
December 5, 2000 - James Ridgeway, The Village Voice
With their backs to the wall, the Democrats must fight George W. Bush not from the parapets of the White House—which slides futher from their reach with each court decision—but in Congress, where the Republicans need their help to pass any legislation.
Way Up North in the Land of Dixie!
December 5 - American Politics Journal
It is time now for the nation to shudder in anticipation of a pending ole South takeover of the United States
Who Says the Election Has a Dec. 12 Deadline?
December 5 - NY Times
Is time really running out for Al Gore? He has asked the Florida's courts to let the vote recount continue, and the process could take several weeks. But everyone keeps talking about a strict time limit in which everything must be resolved or else.
Is there a real deadline? Not at all.
Al Gore's battles in the Florida courts do not have to be resolved by Dec. 12, when governors are required to certify the winner of each state's electoral votes. Nor must they conclude by Dec. 18, when the state electors meet to cast their votes. Not even Jan. 20, Inauguration Day, is a deadline.
Through A Glass Darkly
December 2, 2000 - Anthony Lewis, NY Times - Local Copy
Anyone who went to the Supreme Court argument, as I did, hoping that the court would rescue us from the election morass with a clear, unifying decision would have left disappointed. In their comments, the justices seemed as divided as the rest of us.
Give it up, W
November 30, 2000 - Concord, (New Hampshire) Monitor editorial - Local Copy
Bush could win at all costs or do the right thing: concede.
The time has come for Gov. George W. Bush to concede the presidential election and go back to Texas. This will be good for him and good for the country.
The Telltale Heart
November 30 - WILLIAM SAFIRE - New York Times   Local Copy
Stipulate, as the lawyers say, that the U.S. Supreme Court hands down a decision early next week that will be accepted by most Americans as the final word about who won the presidency. Arguendo, let's assume it's George W. Bush.
 For 17 days in January from the swearing-in of the new Congress on Jan. 3 to the inauguration of Bush and Dick Cheney Democrats will be in control of the Senate, based on its 50-50 split with Vice President Al Gore as tie-breaker.
The True Believer
Commentary - Local Copy
November 30 - BOB HERBERT - New York Times
Tom DeLay spent many long months hiding in the tall grass and chuckling while George W. Bush traveled the country trying to spread the fiction of compassionate conservatism.
[Oops - need to fix this- Terry]
November 29, 2000 - Bev Conover, Online Journal
In the ever-escalating revelations about Election 2000, two more potential bombshells for the Republicans turned up in our mailbox this morning: What appears to be vote tampering in Georgia and an effort by the media to cover up Florida Governor Jeb Bush's and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris's alleged adulterous affair.
Apologies if this sounds like Drudge sludge, but, unlike the notorious Matt, we don't make this stuff up and the implications of a Jeb-Harris affair go beyond anything Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky did.
Oyez! Oyez! Oy Vey! This Is One Nutty Election!
November 26, 2000 - MAUREEN DOWD - NY Times (Requires a free registration)
WASHINGTON The old Don had helped the humiliated man in the black robe get justice. He had treated the judge's enemies as his own enemies.
 He had caused those who tried to ruin the judge to weep bitter tears. He made sure the nominee under his protection got justice and became a justice.
 "Someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do me a service in return," the old Don, the head of the WASP Corleones, whispered to the younger man.
 For Clarence Thomas, that day has arrived. Don Georgio of Kennebunkport needs a splash of service in connection with the hotheaded Sonny, who has gotten himself into his biggest scrape yet. Nearly a decade has passed, and now it is time for Clarence to repay his political godfather.
Playing With Fire
November 25, 2000 - ANTHONY LEWIS - NY Times (Requires a free registration)
DALLAS -- However this presidential conflict ends in the Supreme Court of the United States, it has taken one dangerous turn: the excoriation of the Florida Supreme Court by George W. Bush and his lawyer, James A. Baker III.
Opinion: Tallahassee enters unreal times
St. Petersburg Times, published November 25, 2000
TALLAHASSEE -- Back in the golden, innocent days of the nineties when elections were things to be ignored, when presidents got into trouble over old-timey peccadilloes like oral sex, and when Chad (adorably dimpled) was just a guy who pledged Sigma Nu, Thanksgiving was America's favorite holiday.
It Was Disgraceful for the Bush Campaign to Try to Undermine Gore with the Military
November 21, 2000 -
Bush, whose well-documented dereliction of service in the National Guard has been featured on, couldn't resist taking the low road in regard to military ballots that did not meet election board criteria. His campaign sent surrogates out to attack Gore and Lieberman for allegedly being slighting members of our Armed Forces. Simply disgraceful! commentary
Martin Savidge: Recount scene 'like a chess game' - November 18, 2000
Commentary - Question & Answer format.
CNN National Correspondent Martin Savidge is in Palm Beach County, Florida, where a hand recount is being performed on the ballots from the presidential election. Politics | Calling all statesmen
November 20, 2000
Katherine Harris and the Florida Supreme Court should give way to an election commission -- Presidents Carter and Ford are ready -- that could devise a bipartisan way out of this mess.
Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch goes on MSNBC to compare Vice President Al Gore to deposed Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. Republican House Majority Whip Tom DeLay, R-Texas, lambastes the Democrats' efforts to seek a fair recount of Florida ballots as "a theft in progress." Meanwhile, Gore's spokesman, Chris Lehane, compares the decisions of Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris to those of a "Soviet commissar," and Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz calls Harris a "crook." Politics | Team Bush flings charges
November 19, 2000
Republicans accuse Gore supporters of tampering with Bush ballots, blatantly disallowing military votes and much, much more. Politics | The rare diplomat
November 19, 2000
Sen. Chuck Hagel abandons Republican talking points and says a statewide hand recount may be required for "legitimate finality."
Bush camp has gone berserk and the media provide a forum for the madness
November 19, 2000
With each passing day, America is beginning to look more and more like Nazi Germany.
With neo-Nazis descending on Florida, frothing-at-the-mouth mad dog Karen Hughes, with Montana Gov. Marc Racicot in tow, went before the television cameras Saturday to hurl invective at Florida election workers involved in doing a manual recount of ballots in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties, in another attempt to turn public opinion against the process and, thereby, hand the presidential election to George W. Bush.
Scathing commentary on the behavior of the GOP and the Bush camp. This was even before we knew that they bussed in thug operatives to pose as spontaneous protesters
Miami Herald: Vice president's tenacity keeps the GOP on the defensive
Saturday, November 18, 2000, in the Miami Herald
Knight Ridder News Service
A long time ago, before the 2000 presidential election became a milestone in American history, Al Gore was roaming the land on two hours' sleep, beseeching the voters at midnight rallies, and declaring that he was fully prepared ``to work my heart out.'' BURNING THE VILLAGE IN ORDER TO SAVE IT
Saturday, November 18
Since Election Day, George W. Bush has kept the goal posts moving continually back and forth to prevent Florida's southern, mostly Democratic, counties from hand counting their ballots until they were too late to be added to the certified total. But lost among the Bush camp's legal and rhetorical objections to hand counting is this small fact: since the Fateful Day, Bush has benefitted from hand counts in other counties, hand counts that have secured his lead by margins that began at 1784 and reportedly went as low as 225 votes before rising again in recent days with the arrival of more absentee ballots.
How the GOP is trying to manipulate the American public, and threatening our belief in the system in the process
The Consortium: Who Should Concede? The Secret History of Modern U.S. Politics
November 13, 2000
By Robert Parry
Op-ed columns in major American newspapers are calling for Vice President Al Gore to accept defeat and concede, even though he seems to have won the nationwide popular vote by about 200,000 and was the apparent choice of a plurality of Florida voters though some miscast their votes.
Details numerous Republican dirty tricks and "October Suprises" since 1960 that Democrats have have kept quiet on for the good of the country.
The Consortium: The GOP's Popular-Vote Hypocrisy
November 10, 2000
In the days before the Nov. 7 election, Republicans feared that Vice President Al Gore might win the Electoral College while Texas Gov. George W. Bush could win the national popular vote.
Details of how the GOP planned to challenge the legitimacy of a popular-vote loser gaining the White House, their ads, talk show campaign, recruiting newspapers, churches and business SO GORE'S THE ONE WHO SHOULD CONCEDE?
November 9, 2000
The Republicans have insisted that Al Gore should gracefully concede defeat and allow the nation to move on. That's certainly one way of looking at things. But why is the burden on Gore? Just as good a case can be made that Bush is the one who should gracefully concede defeat.
Voting irregularities and the GOP is hiding behind technicalities.
Gore 2000: Statement By Chairman William Daley
November 9, 2000
- Secretary Christopher and I have been in Florida for 20 hours and I am here to report that what we have learned left us deeply troubled about the fairness of the election count that has been reported.
Most notably, it appears that more than 20,000 voters in Palm Beach County who in all likelihood thought they were voting for Al Gore had their votes counted as votes for Pat Buchanan or not counted at all. Because this disenfranchisement of these Floridians is so much larger than the reported gap between George Bush and Al Gore legally this requires the full attention of the courts in Florida and concerned citizens all around the country. Politics | County official knew about ballot confusion
November 9, 2000
Palm Beach County's elections supervisor distributed a memo to workers about voter confusion -- hours after the polls opened.
The most dangerous Bushism of all
October 15, 2000
"I believe the role of the military is to fight and win war and therefore prevent war from happening in the first place." —George W. Bush in the 1st Presidential Debate
Has anyone in the United States figured out how ludicrous this philosophy is in an era when the U.S. military is involved in vital missions of shared UN Peacekeeping troops throughout the most seriously troubled spots in the world? Is he claiming our military won't have anything to do with UN Peacekeeping unless there's a war? Why isn't the media exposing this?
If Bush and Cheney win, would they meet the constitutional requirements to serve?
September 7, 2000
While the corporate media remain silent on the subject, if the Republican presidential ticket manages to win the November election, the country could face a constitutional crisis if neither candidate is qualified to serve.
If Bush was AWOL from the Air National Guard, How can he obtain the necessary security clearances for the Presidency? If he obtained a new driver's license to hide a felony, he'd be disqualified. And that pesky Twelfth Amendment....
"What is George W. hiding?"
July 8, 2000
The word coming through the media grapevine is that no matter what George W. Bush did in the past or does between now and November 7, he is to be given a pass by the corporate media.
Corporate America and the right wing have decreed that the Texas governor will be the next president of the United States, and that is that.
Why the media covers for Bush and assails Gore. And why, precisely, did Dubya need a new license?

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