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Property Taxes are Going Up

Can You Afford to Ignore This?

The Old Man of the Sea

Boone County Needs Tax Reform

Valuations in Kentucky are too high

Letters from concerned Citizens

The Rates You Pay

Read This:   We Need Tax Relief
Tax Reform is Better
Relief is a Gift from a Politician

Flat Tax

Boone County needs you to appeal your taxes.

How Honest is Your PVA?
Boone County Kentucky PVA Steals Thousands of Dollars

That's O.K. the Campbell County PVA did the same thing

More on PVA Theft

Some Little Details
Would You Trust a PVA with your Property Valuation, or the Penny Bank?

Does Boone County need Your Money?

What Are the Tax Rates?

Does the City of Florence need your Money?
They Don't Even Know How Much They Have
Your Taxes are too high when $5 Million is Stolen and No One Misses it.

Does the Commonwealth Need Your Money?
They say you owe it. Send them some.

State will run Boone PVA office, 2006

State Finds PVA Problems 'Irregularities' include Undervalued Property

Note: We said that all along; but there is also greatly Overvalued Property

Boone County Residents To Have Property Reassessed: Investigation of the Valuation Office, 2006.

Join Class Action Suit Against PVA's Office

Strange Tax Assessments Lead To Lawsuit

What is the real problem?

(Mills on Morals in Corporate America)

Or, More Succinctly:

You can go to church, but you have to have something inside or it doesn't make any difference.

What the Moon Saw

Two statesmen met by moonlight.
Their ease was partly feigned.
They glanced about the prairie.
Their faces were constrained.
In various ways aforetime
They had misled the state,
Yet did it so politely
Their henchmen thought them great.
They sat beneath a hedge and spake
No word, but had a smoke.
A satchel passed from hand to hand.
Next day, the deadlock broke.

Vachel Lindsay

Is this the Right Way to do it? Better than Nothing!

Kentucky tells Congress
But isn't it better to Clean your Own House First?
We'll take whatever we can get.

Political Information Website

Political Biographies
Remember:   "Vote the Rascals Out!"

Endangered Species:
A New Twist

My Dog is a Lawyer
An Essay for your Consideration

The Law Against Lawyers Free Speech

Recommended Reading:
Catherine Crier, The Case Against Lawyers:
How Lawyers, Politicians, and Bureaucrats
Have Turned the Law into an Instrument of Tyranny —
and What We as Citizens Have to Do About It

New York:    Broadway Books, 2002.

Still Not Convinced?
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Tax Quotes

C. S. Lewis Letter to the Editor on Taxes

Some Ideas for Thought
What of the Future?
Peter Drucker on Post-Capitalist Society

More Ideas.
Flat Tax?

Throw the Rascals Out!

Ban Re-election

Is there Enough Money?

What is "SmartGrowth"? Do you trust these People?

Do you trust these People? They are incumbents!

Another Method. Will it Work?

What you need to know now

Protest your taxes.   Appeal your taxes — and win.  A book for you:

Appeal Your Property Taxes—and Win!
by Ed Salzman.

Lake Oswego, Oregon: Panoply Press, 1993.
124 pages. Includes index. ISBN 1882877012

"Losing the deductions for property, state income taxes, and home-equity interest creates a double whammy. They're two of the fastest-growing levies in America, and with local and state budget deficits soaring, they're programmed to rise far faster than inflation for a very long time."

from Shawn Tully, "Taxpayer, Beware: The Sneaky Way Washington Is Taking Back Your Tax Cut,"
Fortune 23 June 2003, p. 54.

Read the Rest of the Article - Highly Recommended

Does Big Business Deserve a Tax Break?

Tax Breaks for Home Depot?    Read on.

Secretary Trey Grayson on Kentucky Tax Reform

An Essay on Voter Participation
Avi Hathor

If You Think Your Taxes are too High (and they are) Contact:

Boone County PVA

Phone: 859.334.2181 Fax: 859.334.2126 P. O. Box 388 Burlington, KY 41005

You May also Contact for Information:

Tri-County Economic Development Corporation Phone: 859.344.0040 Toll Free 1.888.874.3365 Fax: 859.344.8130 300 Buttermilk Pike, Suite 332, P.O. Box 17246 Covington, KY 41017

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