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Ft. Pitt, 12th February 1764

I hope this missive finds you well. My goal here is to have a forum for my various hobbies: historical reenactment, trekking and muzzleloading.  I also offer some information I've gleaned here and there, and share a bit about myself.

I'm not much of an expert at anything, but as you visit my various pages, I'd hope that you find some of the information useful.  I'd also enjoy hearing any advice, or information that you'd like to share.  Hurry though,"I'm all ears,"  but may not remain that way if I stumble across anymore Shawnee or Kickapoo war parties.  They're as angry as hornets lately!

Check back frequently as I continue to update my site ("add more chinking between the logs!")

I remain, with great esteem and regard,
Your Most Humble & Obedient Servant,

Jos. Parker

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