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History of this website


29 November 2000: Conceived the basic concept and content of the website, and composed the text for the first six web-pages;

January 2001 - November 2001: Stop building of the website due to busy work;

24 December 2001: Completed the draft version of the web-pages (5 pages) using manual HTML;

04 January 2002: Revised and completed the layout version of the web-pages (7 pages of the current layout);

9 January 2002: Launched the website in geocities;

13 January 2002: Uploaded Thematic web-page;

28 January 2002: Uploaded Charms web-page;

01 February 2002: Uploaded Book 2 web-page;

07 February 2002: Uploaded Forgeries web-page;

16 February 2002: Organized the images of the representative coins into 4 collection web-pages (link from Timeline);

27 February 2002: Uploaded 15 pages of Qing Cash Collection web-pages (link from Coin Plates);

31 May 2006: Sold my Qing cash album (coin plates set) to Mr Neo H.K., Singapore. Disconnected the hyperlink to the Qing Cash coin plates photos;

06 September 2007: Uploaded Book List web-page;

08 October 2007: Uploaded Favourite Coins web-page;

30 October 2007: Revamped the Qing Cash web-page with a stocklist of my Qing cash (pdf);

03 November 2007: Uploaded Qing Empire Map web-page.

22 April 2009: A second revamp of Qing Cash web-page to display Chinese characters.

Tan Kay Chuan, Singapore.