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Number of people in the Kelly Family in my tree:
39 male36 femaleTotal 75

The clan of Kelly and O'Kelly are numerous, stretching far and wide from Ireland. My
branch of the Kellys lived in Co Kildare, Ireland and have some notable names among
Thomas Kelly, born around 1718 held the title of Sovereign of Kildare (Sovereign was
probably equivalent to mayor). He married and had a son, Thomas (born about 1748)
who married (probably in Kirkcudbright, Scotland) in 1767, as his first wife, Mary
. Thomas, like his father, was also a Sovereign of Kildare They had three
daughters and four sons of which
* Waldron Kelly, an army man, married April 1813, Anne Ludovia de Aguilar
of Portugal, by whom he had five children. Descendants are living in Spain, South
America and other parts of the world. He married (without divorce) a second time in
1831, Jane Owens in Liverpool, England, and had a further three children and was
appointed to Barrack Master at Lucea and Montego Bay, on 16th May 1834; where
he died in 1836.
* Capt. William Kelly (ca 1779- ca 1858) was a renowned performer and teacher of
the Uileann Pipes and was presented with a set made of ebony wood and tipped with
ivory by the Prince Regent in 1809. Known as "Sporting Captain Kelly", he would bet
on anything, such as which of two flies would be the first to fly off a wall. He was in the
army, a racehorse trainer, and also famed as having discovered the famous Irish pugilist
(bare fist fighting) Dan Donnelly whom he trained at his brother John's house of
Maddenstown, The Curragh, Co Kildare. Between his love of horses and the Uileann
pipes, he named many of his horses after parts of the pipes: Drone, Chanter and
Bellows to name but three. He married his first cousin, Catherine Orford
* John, (ca 1777- 1871), William's elder brother, was a racehorse breeder. Two of his
famous horses were Skylark and Birdcatcher. He married Alicia Goslin
on 3 June 1813.
On 7 Aug 1820 their daughter Jane Kelly
(died 1890) was born. She married Mark
of Fontstown, Co Kildare.
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